Hello Again.
  • Well, I'm back. Tony Gillis is probably what you know be better by. And don't worry, I'm not an idiot anymore :P
  • Welcome back Tony.

    Good to hear that you've changed, but I guess we'll find out after some posts, eh? ;)

  • Welcome back.
    Great that you're not an idiot anymore :clap: what have you become instead?

    See you around the forums.
  • Welcome back Tony.

    Based on your avatar, I see you are no longer a snake, now you're a kitty cat? :D

  • Well, API was the first forums I ever joined. A few weeks ago I came back and read some of the posts I made and I laughed out loud. Pathetic really.

    Nice to see you all again. :) I enjoyed my time here last time, and this time will hopefully prove to be even better.
  • Wait a minute.
    A Moogle avatar, a polite and plesant post, comments that shows a bit of insight and objectivity :g:

    :mellow: :angry: Who are you and what have you done to poor Tony Gillis!!!!!
  • Haha, for one, I've began playing the Final Fantasy series, and second, I guess you could say I matured. :P

  • Welcome back Tony, nice to see you again. As far as the maturing issue, remember that growing up is a series of phases we all go through to become the person we will be. Hope to see you around some.