Final Fantasy X-2
  • Ok, it's like this. During Chapter 3, in Luca, there is a Sphere Break Tournament in motion and Yuna gets dragged along it for a Lady Luck Dressphere, the first 3 opponents are easy, for I choose the easiest ones just to deal with it quickly, now the problem is... Shinra. The wizz boy of the Gullwings enters the Tournament and he is your last opponent. Now... How the heck do I beat?

    I've tried tons of times but the rules are just insane...

    Turns: 15
    Quota: 50 coins
    Time: 45 seconds for each turn.

    How am I supposed to beat him? Also the Sphere Cores do not help much... For Sphere Core 1 always ruins everything. So, I need hints... or even better, a nice way to defeat Shinra easily. I can't go on without this sphere. ;.; For I already missed one. ;|
  • Well, first of all, sorry for the double post.

    Well, it seems that I finnaly got the hang of playing the Sphere Break mini-game, and actually found an easy way to defeat Shinra. What it is this way, you may ask?

    Echo Coin Counts.

    Echo Coin Count Bonusses, occur each time you achieve a Core Break with the same number of selected coins. So, if you continuosly manage to Core Break with 3 coins many time in a row, you'll receive an adicional bonus that actually helps A LOT. With 4 Echo Bonus I managed to jump from 31 Coin Quota to 47 Coin Quota which is quite a lot.

    Well, that sums it all to win against Shinra in the Tournament, now... How to get to the 500 Coin Quota of the Marrrvelous Core Sphere, I'll still have to try. So, if any moderator actually reads this, please do lock this topic or delete it. Many Thanks. ^_^
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