• *is some what suprised that no one else has tried to guess. ponders giving the answer and finding an easier one next time*
  • Considering that the Norns are destinys demi-goddesses and that anubis is death i would say destiny.
  • closer, but noop.

    Heres another clue.

    "brothers and sisters have i 8, sons and daughters have i 18, neices and nephews i have 48 and distant relative who is a b#####d of my father, and 6th child am i"

    Anything more than that and its outright giving it away too much.
    As if them clues aint...
  • This is a beutyful question but damn hard.
    I throw in a guess: Time? no time is one of the clues :huh:
    How about SUNDAY?
  • noop.
    as brandon lee would say "try again, try harder"

  • Maybe folks should be researching their Norse mythology a bit more??? :P
  • Ummmm.....is it Fate? :ph34r: Thinks me might be flying way off, with that one?
  • Ginunnggap?? (sp??) Ya know, that yawning void of ....... welll, voidedness, before the creation of everything....... :huh:
  • Noop, Noop & Noop.

    folks are gonna kick them selves when the answers said.
    Then you're gonna kick me.
    Probably repeatedly.

    Its not just egyptian nor is it just norse.

  • Once I was death
    Now I am technology
    Land I rule, the people and the legacy
    Anubis and the Norns are under my wing
    Time waits for no one and like the void, my tone is black.
    Brothers and sisters have I 8,
    sons and daughters have I 18,
    neices and nephews I have 48
    and a distant relative who is a bastard of my father,
    and 6th child am I

    Who am i?
    Its not just egyptian nor is it just norse.

    Earth? No, then there should be 9 brothers and sisters.
    "Now I am technology" !?! SUN, but how does that connect to sisters and brothers?
    This is hard. We should make a copy in "Riddles" :D
  • Space?? Or, the sky??

    AAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Dude, you're killin' me here!!! :wacko: Which is nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to you (once I get the answer) if I ever get my hand on you!! :P
  • Wait just a minute!
    There are 9 planets in our solar system, therefor a planet could be said to have 8 brothers and siters, and the 6th one is Saturn.
    Now Saturn have how may moons? 17!? :huh: is that right or is it 18?
    The roman god saturn is said to be the god of agriculture "Land I rule, the people and the legacy"
    The greek name for Saturn is Kronos = time
    "Time waits for no one"

    Am I close? :D
  • BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well done that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Manneman, you da man!!

    Ok heres the rundown on the reason for the clues:

    ~Once i was death
    Now i am technology~

    Saturn, was once considered the planet of death.
    Various gods were associated with the planet.

    ~Land i rule, the people and the legacy~

    As manneman said, saturn the romano god was of the land, agriculture and growth.
    Growth became death however in some cultures.

    ~Anubis and the Norns are under my wing~

    In egyptology, saturn, the visible planet was associated with Anubis, and in the norse traditions, it was associated with the Norns.

    ~Time waits for no oneand like the void, my tone is black.~

    This is a clue to kronos, another name for saturn, also a god of time, death and destiny.
    Well, a titan.

    Also, in many traditions and beleifs saturs and the associuated gods are drapped in black robes.

    ~Brothers and sisters have I 8, ~

    9 planets in the solar system, inc saturn.

    ~sons and daughters have I 18, ~

    There are 18 recognized moons (children) of the planet at the moment.

    ~neices and nephews I have 48 ~

    There are in total 48 other recognized moons of the other planets.

    ~and a distant relative who is a bastard of my father,~

    Cheiron, the 10th planet which may or may not be from this solar system.
    Scientists are still out on this one.

    ~and 6th child am I~

    Saturn is the 6th planet in the system.


    Well, manneman, its your show now...
    Give them hell.

    Oh, and i would have accepted the name "cassiel" as well, which is the name of the angel who rules over saturn in gnosticism.
    All in all, i enjoyed that, lots of clues from many different mythos's.
  • Whooopidooooo :lol: I am the man
    But how to follow a question as brilliant as the previous?
    Gotta go do some research.................BACK

    Peter Parkers alter ego is a part of native americans folklore. Who is his "arch enemy" in these storys?

    Get you (search)engines started, ready, set, GO :lol:
  • Hmm, Mother Spider's nemisis really depends on the tribe in question.

    However, for the most part, the great creatrix has an enemy in coyote, but then again, every one does really.
    Bloomkin tricksters, but i dont think thats the answer, couldnt be that easy..

  • Yeah, you got it.
    I was hoping for you to get it.
    Sure it could be that easy, I don't know the first thing about Mythology outside of the norse one... So I just went fishing on the net and came up with Spiderman = Iktomi.

    Pleeeeeeease, do go ahead!
    I polished the floor with my own clothes :D
  • Gah....


    From the light i came
    In darkness i dwell
    Child of the Father
    Killer of the children
    Holy is my cause
    Dark are my ways
    With tattered wings
    And bloody spray
    Bring me the lamb
    Let me be your daemon
    Day is my name
    Alleys are my workplace

    Who am I???

    Thats a little bit trickier than the last!!

  • trickier? maybe. Mythological? Hmmm....
  • Ok, I've been busting my ass for an hour without really getting anywere.
    Just thought that I should post my line of thinking so that peole know this is being processed ;)

    I started out by looking up the keyword deamon wich turned out to mean "an attendant power or spirit". Sort of like "a name wich would ruin the reading" in the LOTR.
    That worked well with the
    Child of the Father

    I belive that this father is a sun god of some sort since
    From the light i came
    In darkness i dwell

    I just don't know wich one :angry:

    Then I went on with the
    Day is my name
    Translations was the key I thought. Lat. Die, Fr. Jour, It. Giorno.
    but try doing a search on those :lol: It's not like "Day" is a rare word in any language.

    So I have to think about (more of read up on)
    Killer of the children

    With tattered wings
    And bloody spray
    Bring me the lamb

    Alleys are my workplace

    Well, seems like some sort of fallen angel to me, if the wings aren't methaforical.
  • keep going.
    i was just 2 days from posting the answer, but seeing as some one is making an effort, i'll torment you a while longer with it.
  • Lucifer? aka: beelzebub aka: Satan aka: Prince of Darkness....... you know the one. He started out as an angel, but was cast down from Heaven for being a smart@$$!! :blink:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Jan 24 2003, 09:39 PM
    [b] Lucifer?
  • they may be the wrong answers, but they do come from the correct mythos.

    satan is a b@st@rdiz@ti0n on Shaitan, or Opposition.
    "he who opposes", much like the tories and the conservatives.

  • So what we should be looking for is "Satans little helper" ?
  • Well, more like Lucifers little helper.
    (no not bart simpson)

    (lil cluelette)
    The holder of this name would find pleasure in the reason that jay n bob go to town in dogma.

  • I know but one of Lucifers gang of fallen angels and his name is Azazel.
  • closer, but no cookie for that answer
  • Originally posted by Blaqasphalt@Jan 18 2003, 09:08 AM
    [b]From the light i came

    In darkness i dwell
    Child of the Father
    Killer of the children
    Holy is my cause
    Dark are my ways
    With tattered wings
    And bloody spray
    Bring me the lamb
    Let me be your daemon
    Day is my name
    Alleys are my workplace

    Who am I???

    Allright, been worshipping satan for a couple of hours now and this is what I've come up with.

    Adramelech also spelled Adrammelech and Adramelechk
    (meaning of name is king of fire)

    Adramelech is mentioned in the context of a Samarian sun god who was worshipped by the Sepharvites.

    It is said that the people of the city of Sepharvaim, the city of the Assyrians, sacrificed children to him.

    He is also said to be chancellor of the infernal regions and keeper of the wardrobe of the demon king.

    I'm not sure about him, but he fits the description somewhat.
    Moloch did about the same things and his asociations with Saturn (who you asked about in your last riddle) makes him a good runner up if Adramelech should be wrong.
  • actually, thats very close, but still no cookie.....

    shall i give the answer?
    You've all wracked your noodle noggins so hard...
    It seems unfair to let you all keep trying for an obscure bit of knowledge, even if you have all learned stuff from it.

  • It still seems that you're talking about religion and not mythology, though to some, that's splitting hairs.
  • Yes, please give the answer. That is if no one else has something against it.
    I really did try my best to find the beast but no one seemed to fit the description.
    Could you give some info on the deamon as well?

    WB: Come on, the belief in ancient deamons are as vivid as the belief in norse gods (wich is still practised in some parts of Iceland) and we have had plenty of questions about Loki without any (to my knowledge) complains. ;)
  • Yes, I agreee, please give the answer, I'm DYYYYYYYYIN' here!! :blink: heeheehee

    I also agree with the notion that it all depends on how you look at it...... When speaking of "gods", (ie: in Norse mythology) it is considered "mythology" but for some it is not a Myth, is is their religion, yes even now. For some God our Heavenly Father is a Myth..... it all depends on ones belief system, me thinks. I'd say this one, (though I do not yet know the answer) fits into our category here okey dokey!
  • Well, the answer, hidden as it was is the fallen angel called Kasdaye, who also goes by the name of Kasdeja.

    >From the light i came
    >In darkness i dwell

    As i mentioned, this chappy was around at the time of the Rebellion/Fall.
    However, finding neitherlove for god nor for the Opposer in his heart, he fled and became a fallen angel.

    >Child of the Father

    Note that Father has a capital.
    IE Son of God, one of the Bene Elohim, ie Angel.

    >Killer of the children

    This is the icky bit.
    Kasdaye taught women (and some men) the abortive arts.
    TO kill the humans before they were born would put them right in to the arms of god and the attending angels, so he stopped them from becoming Evil or Impure.

    >Holy is my cause

    He thought he was doing it all for the right reasons (but then again, most maniacs do).
    He was doing it to stop the hatred in the world.
    Actually, by giving the knowledge of certain plants and herbs to the women of the tribes, they suddenly had the upper hand, if they were treated poorly, no more children would be born, which was as a deathknell to most tribes in the proto judaic era.

    >Dark are my ways

    Abortion is still considered a Sin these days by many faiths and subsects in the faiths.

    >With tattered wings

    With the fall from grace, the angels aspect changed, once he had illustrious wings, but apon the running away they were torn and shredded, left as stretches of skin apon bon.

    >And bloody spray

    A good old tried and tested method of abortion often resulted in the death of the mother to be.
    Herbs often caused a great deal of internal bleeding, which was brought up as vomit or bloody spittle.

    >Bring me the lamb

    What better to call the innocent?

    >Let me be your daemon

    Indeed, he is seen as a daemon (or demon if you prefere that spelling) and not a fallen angel by various sects in the church.

    >Day is my name


    >Alleys are my workplace

    Cheap clinics or bad docters are often referred to as "alley clinics/Dr's".
    Such places are the last refuge of the desperate who do not want to carry the life within them any more.
    Often the price is high, but it is a viable trade for the less than reputable.

    Also, Kasdaye was reputed to be one of the apostate angels, or Nephilim as well. Book of enoch, enoch 1.

    So there you go.

    All info taken from personal study of the matter, and all kudos to the books i own.
    Many thanks and well done to those of you who got so close.

    Im gonna step out of this for a bit, i make them seemingly too hard for people to get with the way i phrase things.
    I think in angles as opposed to lines.

    Manneman got the closest.
    Down to you old chap.


    Oh, as for religion, i consider all things such like to be myths.
    Myths are the stories of a long ago time, passed from the memory of man, left only now as stories.

    Im not a relegious man, i believe in things i see/taste/touch.

    But i do love a good story.
    And in every myth there is a grain of truth, like a peice of grit in the ocean.
    One just has to look hard enough to find it.
  • Thanks but no thanks. I will leave the floor open .

    I really like your questions though and I hope you be posting one (maybe not as difficult) soon again. ;)
  • I struggled with this one.
    It doesnt rhyme like my others did, but it has a disjointed passion all the same...


    Ancient City, drowned of late, is the setting
    Giant was the preacher of a god,
    Gentle was this man, Sad was this man,
    In the Drowned City, the lambs toiled hard for little.

    The Giant in fear recalled a tale,
    With in the holy place he read the book,
    Of Rags and Daub
    He made what?


    Short n sweet.
  • I am completly stumped so I will say
    1. He made the city
    2. He made the city sink

    I am probably wrong because I have know idea about it!!

  • noop n noop.

  • Originally posted by Blaqasphalt@Jan 30 2003, 06:03 PM
    Im gonna step out of this for a bit,

    You sure stayed away a long time, were did you go ? Into the kitchen toget more coffe? :lol:
    No seriously, glad to see you back, but this new enigma of yours sure isn't what I would call easy.

    Now you talk of a drowned city and a gentle, sad giant.

    I have made some research and found only
    Ys (or Is)
    But I allso recall that Krete (or was it Rhodos) have experienced some kind of water disasters!?!

    Now to this giant.
    Giants are rarely described as gentle or sad, in fact the definition of GIANT seems to be "Major *sshole" so I thought this giant might not be a giant. Prehaps giant stands for something else, like a temple or a river. But then, the giant pruduced something and read a book :huh: .

    It is rather difficult to nail down the right mythos too as giants seems to be part of all the mythology of the world. But I would take a guess at some sort of greek mythos but I really have NO idea.
    I've been reading through a whole bunch of biographys on giants in Greek mythology and no one seems to be a "preacher of a god". They were mainly blacksmiths for the gods or man eating monsters.

    So, as you can see I've done some work and I wondered if you might wanna point me in the right direction? Pleeeeeease. :D

    Did you know that Luis Armstrong went by the name of "gentle giant of Jazz"
  • Doe's this have a Biblical origin? Say, along the lines of a rather large flood?? :blink:

    Had to pop back in, posted that away without thinking (hard day!).
    Obviously has to do with some form of a flood/sinking.

    I too immediately thought of Atlantis.......but then thought that your referance to Giant , might not nec' refer to that of the physical, but rather to attribute's such as 'virture or faith?
    Therefore, I began to wonder if we might not be talking about Noah and his Ark? After all you said you didn't really draw a line between Religion and Myth (fair comment.)
  • Noop, its deffo a Myth, although it is related to Relegion.

    "but then thought that your referance to Giant , might not nec' refer to that of the physical, but rather to attribute's such as 'virture or faith?"

    Its a bit of both really.
    (dont forget, that in earlier times, the human race was a good bit smaller, look at all those old door frames for proof of that. so a giant could be any one over 5ft 8in)

    "Atlantis or Ys"

    Nope neither if them, they are ancient sinkings, the place where this myth s set is a very modern flooding.
    As recent as a a few months ago...

    "You sure stayed away a long time, were did you go ? Into the kitchen toget more coffe? "

    Well, Caffeinne is the name of god on the lips of geeks....
    And besides, you left it open, and i couldnt resist an open floor like that!!

  • You gotta give us some more clues here.
    There were floodings all over Europe and Asia (probably elsewere as well) this summer so it's a bit hard to pinpoint the location of this thing.
  • *nods*
    indeed there were floods all over the place, but few places have a myth a preacher of a god who created something in fear, who was a giant (or very large man).

    I'll leave the final clue at Europe, one the the worst hit Cities in europe with the flooding.
  • okay, this is pretty much just a wild guess. Are you talking about the Golem? Most of what i know about the Golem comes from cartoons and RPGs, but it's better than what i first thought. Something about the Colossus of Rhodes.
  • Bingo.

    NOt the rhodes collosus, but the judaic myth about the prague golem.

    Heres the link.


    I wont belittle peeps intelligence with the reasoning to the poem.

  • :blink: i got it right?

    okayyy. Since my brain is never going to produce something as good as the previous riddle, i'll go with something short and simple.

    Who killed Laius?
  • Not sure if he killed himself, or if Pelop's wife did it. Pick one!! :lol:
  • Gabriel Knight is today's (er, Saturday's, even) winner! Apologies, i'm hardly ever online on weekends. Go ahead and dazzle them GK.
  • What was the name of the Cyclops who imprisoned Odysseus and some of his companions in his cave?
  • Noone? no that's what he called himself!

    I remeber that name since poly means many or several and femos sort of means women. :lol:
  • And correct you are.
  • I'm really sorry but I can't come up with any interesting question.
    The floor is open for any one to take!
  • OK, I'll bite.....

    When the aforementioned Polyphemus had been blinded by Odysseus and his men, he called out to his brothers for help. When his brothers couldn't get into the cave to assist Polyphemus, they asked who was assailing him. What was Polyphemus's reply, or whom did he say was attacking him? :rolleyes:
  • "It's Nobody!" A.K.A Odysseus! :D
    Lesson learn't? Never trust your "intended" meal, especially if they offer you potent wine, to wash them down with!!LOL
  • OK, Bidalopolous, it's your go......
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Mar 18 2003, 07:32 AM
    OK, Bidalopolous, it's your go......

    Gee's.....trust my handle to sound more like a slow plodding dinosaur, with myopia! When given a 'Greek spin!!!!LOL :P

    But, moving right along..........

    Who was tormented by a Gadfly, which had them traversing all over the globe from it's pursuit??

    Little clue, maybe?
    This person was 'favoured' by Zeus.
  • Two come to mind, but neither was really favored by Zeus (unless, of course, I'm mistaken again :D)
    Hmm, which to choose.......I'll go with the blind one, is it Tiresias(sp?) the Seer?
  • No, its not the blind dude.

    Perhaps instead of my saying 'favoured', I really should of said "Fancied" :D Sorry if I lead you astray....my fault :blink:
  • Ahhh, and his fancy led Hera to turn poor Io into a cow. It all seemingly worked out though, as Prometheus gained his release, though poor Io suffered so.
  • Correct :D Asking rights are all yours.....& sorry, once again for the "Handicapped clue"! :huh:
  • No worries. :D

    Why did Peleus put his baby in the fire?
  • Well you've got me baffled? I always thought it was Thetis (in one, not so popular version of this tale.) who anointed Achilles in Ambrosia, and popped him atop a fire, in an effort to rid her son of his 'mortal parts'? And that it was Peleus, who interjected, thus causing her (Thetis) to abandon both him and their son? :unsure:

    Hmmm, maybe I best dust off a couple of books, and research this a bit better? :(
  • There I go trusting my recall again...... Now that I see it in print, I see that you are correct Bid. A thousand pardons for my blunder. The asking is yours to do......
  • Tiz quite alright :) No apologies necessary!!!!

    Whose wife, was a 'Giantess' called Skadi??

  • Got an email from Bid , telling me that she's having troubles logging in, and asking me if I'd please let you, Gabe, know that you are right as rain!! ( my choice of wording!) :D

    Time for you to have a go at us!! ;) (oooooo BABY!!) :P
  • How did she end up getting married with Njord.
  • Njord had really attractive feet
  • Well, according to my source...Manne, is correct?

    Now all we need, is Mr GK in here, ( since it was his question.) and we can get this one up and running again! :)

    PS....hope you don't mind GK.......I really don't wish to stand on your toes, or anything.
  • You couldnt even smell my toes mere mortal.

    And manne , the mortal one, is correct.
  • I guess I have to make a question, sigh. Please hold while googleing...


    Evil spirits in Hindu mythology with magical and shape-shifting abilities.
    The demon, Ravana, was their king.
    Who are they?
  • What are the Rakshas?
  • the Jeopardy thread is that way Gabe---->

    Right you are.
  • Who did he kidnap and who rescued her.
  • Its been a month with out a responce, GK can you post a new question please?
  • Fine then Gab, if your going to leave it another mounth, i suppose i should look the answer up!

    Ravana abducted Rama's wife Sita. They then a bit of a war about it, ending in Rama getting his old hag back and Ravana being killed.

    Happy now? Can you maybe post in the thread now?
  • You're right you lazy bollicker.

    Now make a question.
  • Just cos i got it right, doesnt mean i want to ask a question, so i'll leave it as an oper floor! First person to get in here gets to ask
  • Guess that would be me then!

    Very easy one....What did Odin do with the Mead of Poetry?

    Cannot believe I am being so gentle with you guys!
    Oh well, it has been a long time!
    Next time you get the whips and chains!

  • He stole it and then shared the liquid with everyone.
  • Originally posted by LolaNicolina@Jul 31 2003, 01:11 PM
    [b]Next time you get the whips and chains!

    :rebel: [/b]

    Oh yeah, that works. Go ahead and try to threaten us with a good time. :drool:
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall+Aug 5 2003, 11:45 PM-->QUOTE(WreckinBall @ Aug 5 2003, 11:45 PM)
    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-LolaNicolina</i>
    @Jul 31 2003, 01:11 PM
    [b]Next time you get the whips and chains!

    :rebel: [/b]

    Oh yeah, that works. Go ahead and try to threaten us with a good time. :drool: [/b][/quote]
    You people scare me.
  • Originally posted by gabriel knight+Aug 6 2003, 09:09 AM-->QUOTE(gabriel knight @ Aug 6 2003, 09:09 AM)
    [quote] [quote]Originally posted by WreckinBall@Aug 5 2003, 11:45 PM

    <!--QuoteBegin-LolaNicolina</i>@Jul 31 2003, 01:11 PM
    [b] [b]Next time you get the whips and chains!

    :rebel: [/b]

    Oh yeah, that works. Go ahead and try to threaten us with a good time. :drool: [/b][/quote]
    You people scare me. [/b][/quote]
    I would hate to disappoint you Gab!

    Thought *you* might like that idea Wreckin'!

    Anyway, nobody has got the right answer yet...though I thought you might have done Gab!
    The answer is so easy...really!
    Think of your Norse pantheon....who was the god of poetry?

  • [b]Say, wonder if Lola remembers the answer herself?
    It should be
  • QUOTE(manneman @ Apr 13 2006, 09:53 PM) [snapback]60938[/snapback]
    [b]Say, wonder if Lola remembers the answer herself?
    It should be
  • So I guess you may as well get the whips out and ask another question Lola, get this game rolling again too?

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