What Makes You Buy A New Game ?
  • I was reading an old discussion topic about how some people rent games before they buy them and others who just go out and buy a game without even seeing it first and it got me wondering how most people decide what games you buy ?

    Do you still buy games magazines and read the reviews ?

    Would you decide to buy a game just on how good the last game in the series was ?

    Would you always need to play the game in-store before buying ?

    Do you decide based on playing demos in the official magazines ?

    Do you think that it doesnt matter how bad the game is - you can always sell it on EBAY ?

    Most of the current gaming magazines I have seen, seem to have loads of pictures with hardly any writing about the game, so I would always check out a few reputable web sites for both the staff reviews and just as important the readers reviews before buying any game.

    When we were reviewing lots of PS2 games here at APi, I found it staggering how few really brilliant games came out every month, so how do you decide what games to buy ?
  • There are a couple of reasons I will buy a new game. If it is a franchise I particulary like, for example Grand Theft Auto, I will buy the game because I know what I am getting. If Rockstar put out a new GTA every six months, I'd buy it every time. The same goes for Tiger Woods Golf. I bought one, found something appealling in it and wanted more. I own four of each now.

    Another reason may be silly, but it is a reason nonetheless. If it is an X-Men title, I will buy it. I grew up collecting X-Men Comics (and other Marvel titles) so the characters already have a special place in my heart. I love the idea of playing as my favorite heroes (and sometimes villians) and video games let me do that. Slip off into a fantasy world for a few hours.

    I used to be an advocate for renting before buying. Having been burned before, it was a sure fire way of finding out if you liked the game before you bought it. I have bought games after renting them, but not always. I rented Ratchet and Clank and now I own three R&C titles. It all depends on the game. Sometimes if there is a huge buzz about a certain game that normally I wouldn't look twice at, I will rent it to see what the excitement is all about.

    At one time I would buy official magazines mostly for the demo disc. I bought Baldur's Gate after playing the demo. I have gotten away from buying the magazines because I now have a better idea what I like in a game. I also have other resources for gaming news and reviews, APi being the primary. It was actually a magazine that led me to APi. Once I found this place, I stopped buying them. Go figure?

    Trusted friends and fellow APi members are another great source of information. Although it hasn't always turned into a game I especially liked, I definitely got a better idea what I was getting into before I purchased the game, based on posts here. If you know what you are looking for in a game and know what other members like, then you can really put the info to good use.
  • I was always a huge advocate for renting, I have not rented a game in a long time. I guess much like Charger said, I know what I want in a game now. I did play the demo for Black before I bought it, pre-order actually. The Metal Gear and Ace Combat are pretty much the only series I rely on to put out a game that I will trust to buy without trying it first. I will buy a magazine only if I have to have something to read, like on a long trip. I can't afford to get a game that I don't like. Actually when I got Black and MGS 3: Subsistence that was the least amount of time between purchases that I have ever had. Usually I'll get 2 games a year, I got two games in under a month.

  • This one's easy, i go for a game which receives good reviews online. NOT from big name gaming sites, but i'd rather read reviews written by normal forumers who've played the game, i trust reviews given by general people more then gaming websites.
  • I used to just buy them without checking reviews either coz they looked good, or they were part of a series (DIno crisis 3 and resi survivor anyone?)

    But now - due to lack of time to waste on crummy games and lack of money to waste too - i would onloy buy a game that ive seen reviewed, tiff has seen reviewed or have played a demo of.

    Havent rented a game in donkeys - mainly because of time - they have to go back 2 nights later and dont have the time in 2 nights to get enough gaming in to complete it
  • Well, I work for an roleplaying game site... and considering most of my game purchases are RPGs, it's easy to make a decision on what I want and what I don't. There are some games I don't need to know about beforehand, though. I still buy Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear Solid games, even if I don't finish them 100%.

    The last game I bought, Suikoden V, was on a whim however.
  • Having worked in the industry I know better than to trust what the specialist sites and mags say! I bought Shadow of the Colossus purely on the strength of Ico and TR:Legend because frankly, it couldn't have been any worse than Angel of Pants-ness! Oh, plus the fact that at the Tokyo games show it looked fab!

    Other recent purchases have been either because I have enjoyed others in the series (Prince of Persia, Harry Potter, Timesplitters to name but three), cuteness (Wallace & Grommit/Werebunny!!!) or because I've known a bit about the game in advance. Sometimes I'll just wander into a shop and see what is in the pre-owned section and give something a go. I have no problem with waiting for games to drop in price and I don't feel the need to rush out and get everything as soon as it is released (legend and Colossus were exceptions as I'd had them on pre-order forever!).

    Besides, if I am writing reviews, I'll have played the game long before it hits the shelves anyway. Ditto playtesting/QA-ing.

    Other than that, word of mouth is always a good idea, be it good or bad. In addtion, if a game looks original and interesting I might give it a try. As Jim pointed out - they're easy enough to get rid of even if they are stinkers!
  • The only time I ever buy before I rent is if I am loyal to the series. For instance, I will buy any new Final Fantasy game that comes out because I have played enough of them to trust their quality.
  • I have never rented a game just to see if it's any good. I had often bought game magazines to see which games are worth buying, but ever since I found APi and IGN, I began to slowly stop buying those magazines. Nonetheless, I can say I haven't had any disappointments in the games I have bought.

    Also being an obvious fan of Role Playing Games and Strategy Role Playing Games, I have no objection in buying those that were given average scores or even low ones. If I like the game, fine, you can't stop me from buying it. As for my latest acquisitions, Final Fantasy X-2 which I bought for being at a low price and the desireness of seeing how the story will end. Hopefully it's living up to my expectations, seeing that the ATB is back but sadly monsters are just too damn quick in comparison to the party. Also, the storyline is just awesome. ;.; At first, I didn't quite see any storyline, but now, since I'm on the last chapter, things are getting to where I never have thought they would, and sincerely those FMV are breath-taking, also the Den Of Woe is troubleling me emotion-wise. Sad story indeed.

    Another game I bought was Burnout Revenge, but that one is obviously a blast, all of it's predecessors were (even thought I own none of them) as I had the chance to play them.

    Obviously that games like Shadow Of The Colossus are just... fenomenal. A must buy, even if we know nothing of reviews, a game like that should be classified as Game Of The Year 2006 the day it was released.

    Summing up, I buy those games that are, as stated above, franchise. And practically any other game that surely makes magazines and game-wise websites tremble. I can't wait to buy Dragon Quest VIII. ;___;

  • I never rent games, don't want to be responsible for late fees or losing or damage. I buy my games based on purely one merit : PERSONAL SATISFACTION. Remember, I am now a married man and that becomes important (just kidding). I know what my likes and dislikes are. Eye candy is fun for a while but if the whole concept of the story doesn't appeal after a couple hours of play then what's the point.

    I don't usually take the word of a sales clerk or someone who owns a particular game unless I've had hands on experience myself. I do follow a games development and production as much as possible even from rumor of conception. This can often indicate to me how much heart, soul and effort have gone into the product.

    Game reviews in magazines are great bathroom reading, but the summation at the bottom ( pos/neg ) is all that I really pay any attention to. Ratings or scores I pay no heed to.

    The only time I break my tendencies on my research/ gut feeling, is when a new release is priced at a "can't pass it up" price. (ESPN NFL 2K5) for example.

    Anyway, in closing, my personal system works pretty well, I haven't traded in a game for quite some time, and roughly 50% of my date of release purchases are now greatest hits.