Final Fantasy Vii Ps3 Technical Demo
  • Well, I have just watched a 1:39 minute technical Demo of Final Fantasy VII for the PS3. :clap: I have to admit it, FFVII never looked so great. I could notice the differences from the original version. So very much detail in comparison to the original one. But still, the question arises. Will Square-Enix takes their chances and re-make FFVII for the so awaited Playstation 3?

    Still, if any of you ever watched it this technical demo what are your thoughts about it and do you think that Square-Enix will surely bet on the remake that so many people anxiously await to see it confirmed?
  • Could you post or pm me a link to that video?
  • Very Well, better to post the link here, so that you guys won't lose time looking for the video around the net.

    Here you go:


    You know the rules about posting links to other gamersites. If anyone wants to see this video clip I am afraid you are going to have to PM it to them


  • Well I'd probably chance it if it came out, just to see the improved graphics. I suppose that as long as they don't change the story or the game too much it should be fine. Obviously Square will tinker with it to iron out any little bugs and, who knows, they might even throw in a Revive Aeris sidequest or something. Maybe even make it a multiple ending like X-2 and the origional FF7 was supposed to be.
  • seen it . LOVED it. I really do hope square make that ffvii remake