Daily Inventions
  • What are three things you use in your everyday life that were invented to make it easier and better - Dont say PS2 or PC coz nothing can top those anyway! lol!!!

    1) GHD hair straightners!! - My haor is sooooo thick it used to take me 45 mins to straighten it - with these babies i can do it in 5!
    2) Methadone pump - Thing that measures methadone out for you!! Saves me keep bending over and puring the green nectar all over myself/the bench and then not get it right - Just dial up the amount i need and pow!!
    3)panini makers - What can i say - not very good for the waste line but i lurveeee a hot toasty panini!

  • public transport



  • Lets see here,




    I guess that sums it up, the first means less shovel work on the job and the other two are stress relievers. :clap:
  • Clearly...

    Mp3 Player

    Mobile Phone

    Air Conditioning
  • Hm, I'd say that those 3 would be...

    - Internet
    - Music (More specifically the Metal genre)
    - This one's random.... Hmm... Books

    Well, the first two are obvious, you can do almost everything with the Internet and Music is <3. Well, books, well, I picked that randomly so, I really dunno. :xxx</i>
  • I'm sorry I'm such a bore but I'll have to go with
    The wheel
    The lever

    I guess I don't really understand the quest. :unsure:
  • Knives, so pretty and versatile

    Calculators, how else would I be able to add ????

    Beer Goggles, they make life easier but not really better.......
  • Cars
    The internet