Do you unplug your ps2 unit when not playing games
  • again, do you guys unplug your ps2 unit when you are not playing games?
  • The PS2 does not require that you unplug it while not in use. It does recommend that you turn the switch off in the back of it. I haven't had any trouble with mine and i've left mine in standby almost everytime it's not in use. Standby is just where you hold the reset button in until the light turns red. The systemis off but like where the PSX was recommended that you unplug it to take power away from it, it's recommended that flipping the switch in the back be done everytime. Again, I have had no problems with it but if you would rather be safe than sorry then go ahead and turn the switch off everytime. You don't have to unplug it though as turning the switch off does just fine. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I just use the standby mode with mine.Haven't had any problem as of yet and it's been almost a year now.The only time I do unplug it is anytime there is lightning-I don't want a sudden surge to turn my PS2 into a doorstop.If you're not going to be playing for a few days,it's best to use the power switch at the back,as madhtr said.
  • Alway's a good idea to have a quality Surge/spike protection if you experience them. I have an APC power bar with a $50,000 warranty for anything plugged into it. But yes standby is fine unless you going away for a few days, if so just flick the switch. If you dont have good power bar its good to unplug it when you wont be around. Cheap power bars don't have proper ground and one big surge can be diverted but can damage the bar and the next surge will be let straight through to your PS2 and or stereo equipment.
  • Hay I didnt know you could but it on stand bye mode by holding the reset button. thanks madhtr. :D

    Yeah next time there is a storm I am shure going to unplug my PS2.
  • I have a Noma power bar with a $50 000 insurance against damaged electronics. Havn't had any problems with it yet!
  • I don't have a ps2 but for my other systems I don't unplug it.
  • I leave my PS2 on standby mode all the time and up till now there don't seem to have any problems. DBZ, nvm about that, I have just deleted your double post. Just be more careful the next time
  • i just turn off the main switch when i not playing.but i don't un plug it.its better to turn off the main switch if you are not playing it for along time..... :P have fun posting