I need help with legend of dragoon.
  • Hey guys and girls.
  • DBZ, i don't know how to defeat the final bosses but if you click here you will be taken to a walkthrough that tells you how to defeat the bosses :thumbsup:

    Hope the walkthrough helps
  • Well all you do is have Rose, Dart, and some one else who is in high health and good magic defence (someone like Hazal) Pick up alot of items before you fight. Just attack the main part of his body with Dragoon attacks. When he is in second form just transform into a Dragoond with 1 turn, when he sucks up your guy just defend and dont attack. In third form just go on all out attacks and dont forget to heal! In final form got all-out with magic and when the little monster joins your group just have him heal every turn. Dart's Divine Cannon works well on him, have alot of healing breezes where all your group is healed. Whatever you do dont transform into a dragoon when he uses the dragoon staff thing so that you wont get fried. Keep attacking and heeling and you should be fine. Don't be afraid to use dragoon magic once in awhile
  • In which CD you are talking about I still at the 3
  • all i did was attack with succesful additions then heal :2spin: