• So, am I the only one taking advantage of no more late fees? :harhar:

    What do you guys think of blockbuster? Do you even go there or do you use another renting facility? Personally, I find that blockbuster is over-priced, but their new "no late fees" deal has attracked me. :notworthy:
  • Seeing as this really isn't a gaming thing, I moved it over to the General Area.

    As for me, I am not a member of BlockBuster, so it matters to me not at all. We have satelite tv with the Platinum package, which covers everything other than pay-per-views, so there's really no need for anything else... other than the cable that we have also, since we *had* to get a basic cable package for tv in order to get the online service. Rip Off!!! :bash:
  • The nearest Blockbuster is about an hour's drive for me so i don't even bother renting anything there. All of my game rentals are done via one of the several online game rental sites out there.
  • EVERy time i have been to blockbuster they havent had what i went for grrr!!! They are vastly overpriced too. Since we got rid of Sky, we decided to do the online thig too but have never really got round to sorting that out.
    Besides its hard finding the time when the both of us can sit down together to watch a movie. We put Rocky horror picture show on last night and only got half way through!
  • I was under the impression they had be best range of X-box and PS titles around until the Video Ezy expanded, now it has all the latest and greatest titles.

    However I dont really rent that much anymore.
  • No blockbuster in my home country. I rent games and DVD's from a place about 300 meters from my house and they are pretty good. Not sure of the name tho..... just gets called 'the DVD shop down the road'.

    Their overdue charges used to kill me until I started flirting with the babe behind the counter :punk:
  • Wow, I had an idea that everyone went to blockbuster. I remember a thread that was made a few years ago on this same topic. Oh well. Lyndon or anyone else, how are the online rental sites?
  • Blockbuster blows!

    The local branch never seems to have what I'm looking for. I drive a mile further to deal with Hollywood Video, or a couple miles further to the mom & pop shop by the college that has EVERYTHING!
  • I'm not a big fan of Blockbuster video either. I much prefer Video Ezy as they have more movies in stock (the one I use) and are more lenient as far as late returns go.