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  • The random rants was a popular thread back in the day, so I thought we'd have a new thread here to let rip!!

    As Gideon (where are you!!??) says...

    For those of you who don't know - we had a thread called random rants that was very big a while ago. It was started by KiLLA last summer and I know i certainly enjoyed waffling on in it about all sorts of stuff and nonsense! Post whatever pops into your head really. If something has pi**ed you off recently, or maybe you've just had a bad day - let everybody know about it. It can be serious or just plain stupid - it doesn't matter[/b]

    So, let's GO!!! I'm going to start by having a good old moan at how fricking expensive it is to run a car these days!! I've only just passed my driving test, it was ~
  • You read my mind Fluff, I though about bringing this topic back too! Ok here goes:

    I work in Red Lobster now. I usually make good money and enjoy being a waiter, most of the times. Then a situation like last night occurs. I had a couple come in and get two 3 pound live main lobsters. They were like $64 a piece. They also ordered 4 bar drinks and an appetizer. I was thinking, wow this guy must be rich or something. They ran me around asking for extra of this and that, so of course I got it for them. By the end of the meal their tab was $169 for two people. I was pretty happy when I printed out their bill because I had taken good care of them and 15% of 169 is quite the tip. The gentlemen told me of how he appreciated my good service and enjoyed his dinner. When I went back to get the book, the guy left me $5 on a $169 tab. In the end I neglected my other tables for $5. If he was still in the restaurant I would have been like thanks you :censored: .

    Speaking of KiLLa, have any of you talked to him? I haven't seen him since he tried to startup killasoft.net
  • Hmm...

    Still, you know those days when you wake up and you just do not want to do a thing? Well, that's what happened to me this morning. Waked up way late and just knowing I had to go to school, made not wanting to go. Of course, that some of you already have work and certainly have a hard time working to get your montly payment. But, High School, sheesh, such stress. Exams and all, and the teachers are always remembering and not to forgot to study... Now, we just know we have exams. >.< They do not need to remember us students that we have them, that we need to study. Sheesh! And while saying that, there goes half an hour or even maybe a whole hour, thus leaving nothing for the class itself... Such strees. I really am fed up with this. >>
  • 975I hear ya with the car thing fluff - they are sooooo expensive. This year mine has had a new exhaust
  • Just bought a brand-spanking-new tent for one of Stewie's sexy parties and got it all out, set up & WOW it's flaming big! Now Janeybob's calls from work to see if we can pack up & fook off camping for the weekend when she gets in, bit thinking, yes, no, yes, no........ then rings up the farm where I always go camping and was told that they have stopped campers using there site!

    Whoooooooooooo! there camp site was ace! bloody hot showers, great community, not far from the local shop (oooooooooo sounds like League of Gentlemen) and 15 mins walk to the local town. There's another camp site further down the road, but a hell of a hike and don't think taxis will go down that route (don't stray from the beaten path stranger!)

    So I've got a new tent with nowhere to go! think I'll have a camp out with the weasels & ferrets, poke sticks at passing Chav's, but atleast I've now got a spare tent for Donnington & the one that's mouldy will get a paint job I think so we can find it in the mists of 70,000 other tents. Last festival we camped at we knew where we pitched up, Down the emergency access road (where everyone was camping on anyway) 600yards to the forensic tent (yes! a real forensic tent you get at crime scenes), turn right at the beer shrine (all pray to the beer shrine & off it beer every time you pass it) 100 yards further & next to the Viking tent!! Think I'll spray "Janes Beer Creche" on the side so she can look after peoples beers for the weekend
  • QUOTE(oddish182000 @ Apr 29 2006, 07:48 AM) [snapback]61879[/snapback]
    Insurance is ridiculous expensive. Who are you with for a 1st time driver? [/b]

    Yeah I'm with Tesco's at the moment too but as second driver, but hoping to take the PassPlus course which gets 20% discount on your first year, and then shop around to get the best deal I can on my own so start getting my further discounts.

    Im looking for a new car in case i start having to do a new job my boss was on about (drviving to lots of workplaces to do mens health checks - cough please!) Been looking at Peugot 206 - how are they?? Im driving a saxo at the mo

    Yeah I personally love my 206 - it's a great little car but then again I'm no car expert - if it's fast and it looks good I like it lol. :D
  • Text language

    Is it any wonder the kids today (my god i sound old!!) cant spell or anything!! I HATE it when people write in this text language!! - My cousin has a website and its all written in this text langugae!! she is 13 and i cant understand it at all

    its a wonder they pass any english exams!!
  • Bit of a popular rant regarding gas prices- they're taking a jump of 8 cents per litre as of midnight tonight here on PEI- that jumps the self serve price up to $1.19-1.21 per litre! :censored: Getting to be quite the money racket now- I'm definitely in the wrong line of work!
  • Oh i know!! Nearly
  • " that jumps the self serve price up to $1.19-1.21 per litre!"

    Lyndon, thats the price it was here TEN years ago :crybaby:
  • Gas price............AHHHHHHHHHHH, about $3.10/gallon here.

    Whilst I am ranting, telemarketing. I work a sched from 2am- noonish so when I get home a couple hour nap is in order, but I have to leave my phone on incase of emergency.........THE PHONE RINGS NON-STOP from 1pm till around 8pm. I realize they have a job to do but SO DO I !!!, and sleep is very important.
  • [b]Can you rant about rants? Sure you can.
    What are you complaining about gas prizes for. Simple solution, don't drive every bloody were you're going. Use a bike or walk, if you get tired on the way there take the bus back.
    Besides Sweden has gasprizes at 12.25 sek/liter = $1.65 per liter ($6.25 per gallon) =
  • QUOTE(manneman @ Apr 30 2006, 03:08 PM) [snapback]61997[/snapback]
    [b]What are you complaining about gas prizes for. Simple solution, don't drive every bloody were you're going. Use a bike or walk, if you get tired on the way there take the bus back.
    Besides Sweden has gasprizes at 12.25 sek/liter = $1.65 per liter ($6.25 per gallon) =
  • Public transport ?!?!?!?!? What is that ?!?!?

    Where I'm from the color of my skin prevents me from using any kind of 'public transport' :censored: so I have to own a car if I want to get anywhere. I wish I could walk to work but a 40km walk in the morning and evening does not appeal to me.

    Back to the rant, which is kinda relevent to this anyway. TRAFFIC ! Man I despise sitting in it. Can never understand why cars come to a complete stop on the freeway. By the time you get to where you think the problem causing it is there is nothing ! People slowing down for squat ! Sometimes wish I was driving a Ford F650 to just plow my way thru..... haaaaaa..... maximum overdrive here we come !
  • 5 miles to work 5 miles back - down a unlit 60mph windy country road

    fair enough in the summer but in the winter not much chance i would survive. Plus when i get to work i work in an area with a very high crime rate. Only reason they not took my car because i have a coded imobiliser on it!
  • It's a public holiday today and I'm at work...... What the he!! is wrong with me ?? I guess I am a scumbag money grabbin contractor after all :g:
  • My rant for today is CYCLISTS!! Now, I know it's only the minority ruining it for the rest - but I absolutely detest sitting in a que of red traffic lights - as you're meant to. Only to see a cyclist just bomb through like it doesn't apply to them!! They are using the road they should stick to the frickin' laws.


    You people are all too easy-going come on - what really gets your beef?? LET IT ALL OUT! .. and relax!
  • QUOTE(Fluffster @ May 5 2006, 03:08 AM) [snapback]62256[/snapback]

    My rant for today is CYCLISTS!!

    When you say "CYLISTS" do you mean the pedal type ?
  • Okay, my rant today is about lack of communication.

    I go to school. My classes are spread out so that way I can have time to come home and take a little nibble of something before I go to my next class. In order to transport back and forth in that amount of time I would need a car to transport me back and forth..right?

    Well, I have a junker car which really isn't that great, but hey! It gets me from A to B so I don't complain. Well my vehicle got approved for the vehicle retirement program at the DMV and my dad jumps at the chance to turn it in and randomly picks a day and time WITHOUT CONSULTING ME!!

    Now logically speaking does this make sense?

    I'm supposed to morph to his schedule when I have classes with finals and reviews and such next week and this week..and on the day of when he scheduled this appointment?!? NO!! I won't do it! He doesn't even have another car for me yet and he insists that I let him take my car to the DMV and then next week I am to depend on my parents to give me a ride when they both work all morning!!

    Gosh! I friggen hate this!!

    My dad is usually the one who criticizes me on being logical and such...but WHY would he do something as ILLOGICAL as this?!?!?!

    Makes me so mad. :censored:
  • You know what really grinds my gears?

    Not enough FAMILY GUY!!!!
  • i just wish i could warp myself too the MGS4 release date :( its so far !!
  • Stupid :censored: bus service, my car is currently uninsured so I dont want to drive it, and I have no $$$ to insure it at the moment. So, Im taking the bus, but the bus is always 15 minutes late and the stupid busdrivers! Gah! Most of them suck, some of them are ok, this one guy today stopped to TALK to some LADY who he used to know, and Im sitting there going... hello? this is a bus not a god damn cocktail party! (in my head) so, Im late for class, which I hate. PLUS, on top of this someone tried to break into my car the other night, gah, I hate the feeling of knowing some STRANGER has gone through you belonings or tried to nick off with something that is yours. This could take some time... also, I wish uni LECTURERS would organise themselves so everything for every subject within the business FACULTY isnt DUE on the same friggin DAY!! Gr. What else... Im not getting enough sleep! Gah, I need more sleep but I dont get more, what the hell, and I need a job aswell, Ive handed in a few resumes so I may have one soon, woot. What else, oh yeah, my parents are putting too much pressure on me, I feel like I want to move out but I dont have the money to do that at the moment. Basically every aspect of live is screwed at the moment, except my love life, thank god I have a really great girlfriend, thanks Tara! Even though she doesnt read the forum, lol. Thats really it. I think... but Ill be back.
  • My rant is VISA's........

    I want to go to Amsterdam for a weeks vacation and the emabassy told me I have to fly to my home country to get it, there is NO way they can give me one from here ! ! So I have to take a 9 hour flight for a piece of paper, another 9 hour flight back to where I am now and then a 3
  • I paid the other week like $30 for meinikie to fix one of my flat tires on my car. They did, or said they did, and I paid them. I noticed recently that my car was pulling very hard to the right. When I got out and looked at my tire, it was so flat the car was almost sitting on the rim. Why when I pay for things to get fixed, do they not fix it the first time. Same thing happened with my suspension. About a year ago I paid $2000 for them to replace my entire suspension. They told me it was good to go and should not have problems for at least 6 years. Guess what, its messed up again.
  • Ugh - had the worlds worst customer today - a deaf little old lady

    Me - can i help


    Me - ok, are you on medication


    Me - Ok - do u suffer from blood pressure problems

    Lady - NO - ITS CYSTITIS!!

    Me OK! Would you like cranberry or lemon flavour sachet


    RArrrrrrr!! Will be very suprised if you guys in USA didnt hear her shout!!!! :censored:
  • Worst day ever!!!

    By ten past nine our locum hadnt come so i rang Nisha from our branch at Felling wjo sorts the locums who said she would get back to me, so in the meantime we cant dispense any prescriptions, any methadone, or sell ANY medicines AT ALL - Cue 20 odd customers walk in wanting all this stuff.
    So Nisha rings me back sayingthat this locum of ours Bal - has been sent to the Jesmond branch with another locum Ema. She will sort it.
    Ok, so i decided to measure out all the methadone and lock the shop up and put a sign on the door. So while the other girls fend off all the old dears - i spend 30 mins measuring methadone! With Poor Kat the pharmacist down the road running back and forth to dispense the methadone even thought she is VERY 7 month pregnant

    So at 10 Nisha rang me back to say that one of the locums was going to be coming from Jesmond to cover the other one

    There are 2 pharmacists there - one that drives the other that relies on public transport. Which one do they send? The one that spends 3 HOURS getting here on a train. I rang Nisha to tell her to call this Ema and tell her to just get off the train and i would come up in the car to get her as the buses are notoriously bad And coz the ditzy woman doesnt own a mobile phone i couldnt ring her to tell her to just get off the train at sunderland and instead of getting 3 buses to easington colliery i would just drive and get her!!

    So she finally turned up at 12.30!!! Half a day gone - i got 10 mins for my dinner and i cant get into the hairdressers tomorrow before my night out!!


    :boxing: To Nisha - for messing up the Locum system (AGAIN!!!!!!!)
    :boxing: To Bal - for not being a gentlemen and making her spend 3 and a half hours on a train when he could have drove in 30 mins


    :boxing: To the hairdressers to not having any appointments - am having to dye it myself now!
  • Not the worst day ever, but a sucky situation nonetheless!

    I know that people get fired for little to no reason every day, but it doesn't happen at my company!

    In my company, an employee cannot be fired because someone doesn't like them. It just cannot happen. Firings have to be approved all the way up the line to the company president. If it is not justifiable and proper, it just won't happen.

    Another thing, I don't like firing people! I know that it can be difficult to find a new position, and my field is notorious for lousy pay, so counselors between jobs can be sorely pressed, financially. I know this!

    On Thursday, I had to fire a person who had been with us for 3 years, and has been a pain in my ass for all but two months of it (her first two months, before her work ethic turned to poo) for her inability to follow our program's requirements and her refusal to follow simple directions.

    As she was being presented with her termination, she demanded to know what it was "really about." To the very end, she refused to recognize that the company's needs weren't met, but she was being fired because I didn't like her.


    All she ever had to do was follow directions and do her job the way she was trained to do it, yet she refused. After warnings and write-ups and days-off, still she refused. And, she had the gall to blame me for her termination.

    Some people's kids, I swear!
  • Constantly get customers whining and winging as to why our department has disqaulified thier drivers licence. Basically if your caught for drink driving, take it on the chin. Do the crime serve the time (disqual period). Don't want to elaborate to much due to my departments policies on airing views via media etc. It's a small world. Nuff said <_<
  • Oh, here's a lovely one!!!

    Was having some troubles with my computer week before last; when I would turn on my monitor, the desktop would show up very dim, and it would flicker,flicker,flicker, then die. Turn it off, turn it back on. Flicker,flicker,flicker, die. Would take 3 or 4 tries to get it to stay put. As time went on it would require more and more attempts to get it to stay on. Called Gateway, made me go through this stupid test thing where-in I unplug the monitor from the computer and try it that way. Did that, and it stayed on. He said it was the graphics card and sent me, under warranty, a new one. Well, meanwhile I'd forgotten that only 5 months previously I'd gotten a new $300-PLUS card!!!!!!! (some GeForce 7800 thing). And I was supposed to replace that with a standard factory generic piece of crap!?!?! Well, when the new card came, I swapped them out, turned on my computer.. and the same problem happened. I then swapped Hubby's monitor for mine (cause we have the exact same ones) and TAH DAH, it worked fine!! Go figure!! Soooo, I called them back and explained the situation, and he asked me "Did you try a new cord for the monitor?" HA!! Ya wanna give me a piece of crap monitor and try to make it seem like it's something cheap!?!? I lied, of course! "Yeah, tried new cord with old monitor, tried old cord with husband's monitor. Husbands monitor works fine no matter which cord or which computer it's attached to, my monitor does NOT work at all, no matter which cord or computer it's attached to." That should make it pretty darned clear. Ok, it did and he got me set up to have a new monitor shipped, again, under warranty. Fine.

    Friday morning I opened the door to kick Hubby out for work and guess what I saw sitting on the porch, RIGHT at the very top step, in between the left and right railings!? (placement means it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone ascending the steps to get past it to the doorbell). That's right, the new monitor, which UPS had delivered the afternoon/evening before!! Have no idea what time he left it there, that BUTTHEAD never rang the bell!!!!!!!!!!! And, it rained and STORMED all night, all over my new monitor!!!!!!!!!! :censored: :angry: Thankfully, even though Gateway makes CRAP monitors, at least they know how to wrap their crap very very well in plastic, 'cause after I got the squishy drippy box inside, I found my monitor safe and sound. However, I will need to send the old/broken monitor back to Gateway so I don't get charged for the extra one, and my box to return it in is RUINED, thanks to UPS!!! GRRRRRRRRUMBLE, I am soooooo upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm going to have to treck 35 miles to the UPS store to "hopefully" get them to cover the costs of the box that they ruined so I can send the old broken monitor back to Gateway!! Man oh man, this just really ticks me off BIG TIME!!!! :censored:
  • poor speedie :hug:

    My dad got a laptop from DELL through work - were they pay for it through their wages and get it for next to nowt.
    My dad got his laptop delivered and tried it but his internet wouldnt work - apparently because of the anti-virus dell had put on the laptop.
    So he rang DELL and they arranged to deliver another and pick the old one up. In the meantime Tiff and my dad had managed to sort the 1st laptop out so it was working fine
    The guy from dell brought the new laptop but didnt know anything about picking one up and refused to take the old one away.

    When my dad rang dell to sort it they insist that the delivery guy had picked up the laptop and it was in the factory being re-conditioned!!!

    So now my dad has TWO Dell top of the range laptops, he pays for only one - and he is only paying HALF for that one!!!!!

    Why do things like that never happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the place were he works offered him a cheque for
  • Okay so my vent today is about my laptop. I Love my mac. It's an awesome hunk of junk! It's certainly worth all the money I spend on it though. So I was thinking when they opened an apple store in a mall close by here that I would be able to take my mac over there and inquire about any problems I've been having. Good old apple geniuses.

    Well a few months ago my hard drive blew out.
    I lost everything.
    My stories, my papers, my music, my theory assignments, pictures, sims...EVERYTHING precious to me.

    So anyway, I went to the apple store to inquire about a new internal hard drive and all they say is it's expensive so I decided I best wait until I could go with my daddy to discuss prices and such. (He likes to haggle the apple nerds) so in the meantime I decided I best go to my school and inquire about buying a hard drive there since I bought my mac at my school for the purpose of aiding with my schooling.

    The hard drives there are pricy, but it certainly wasn't out of my budgeted range. However, the folks at the store said that I had to get a certificate from the people in the downstairs IT help desk in order to purchase one. :huh: So I'm like "what the heck? these jerks can't just take my word for it in me saying it's crashed?!"

    So I comply and head down to the IT desk. They say it's not my hard drive..but my software. They told me to reinstall the software.

    So I did.
    A few days later my hard drive freezes up again and dies.

    At this point I was angry and stormed into the IT desk and said "just give me a certificate". What do they say? WE CAN'T GIVE YOU A CERTIFICATE UNTIL WE'VE CONCLUDED IT IS YOUR HARD DRIVE!

    They have run tests on my hard drive 8 different times saying that it's not my hard drive.
    And every single time the same thing happens.

    So I gave up going to them and scheduled an appointment with a mac genius! Thinking hey! He'll tell me what's up and offer solutions better than the IT nerds.

    So I go and show him my laptop and he says "You have a bad hard drive". Hands my laptop back to me and then calls for the next customer.


    I asked him if I could get a replacement and all he says is "they're really expensive"
    Well gee, think I don't know that?! You think I'd rather spend another 1000 or so dollars on a new laptop?!? YEAH RIGHT!! He directed me to the place where they stored them and said that they were really expensive and I wouldn't be able to get it.

    Uh...excuse me?? :huh: What do you think I am?? You think I'm a little poor girl who doesn't know the difference between a laptop and a computer...


    The real kicker here is that when I told my dad about it he got FURIOUS!!
    He said next time I go to the Apple Desk he's coming with me and he's gonna tell that genius what's going on! He'll be as rude as that guy was to me.

    Gotta love my dad. :hug:
  • poor red

    I had a similar problem with a PC i bought from Comet. It kept crashing and when i went back to the store with it the guy was not very helpful at all! Said something needed doing - so i said would he do it as i didnt wanna do anything to it myself as id only had it a couple of days - he then told me to stop f***ing moaning!!! My dad was with me at the time and hit the roof!!! We put a complaint in with the manager but nothing happened (they did fix the PC tho) but i had nothing but trouble with it. But because my ex bought it on Hire purchase i left it with him passworded up to the eyeballs when i left. I put soooo many security things on and so many dodgy passwords its funny :) - good luck to whoever tried to get THAT fixed for him HAHAHA

    *and yes he did deserve it! :devilish:
  • Sometimes I just wanna be angry and bite my piano teacher's head off. Typically I only have one of the two...which is usually being angry. Anyway, today made me really wanna rip her a new one!

    So yesterday after I got home from work I played my videogames for a bit and then headed off to sleep. I slept until 10:45 when the phone started ringing. I let it ring a few times and then out of consideration for my friend who hadn't gotten home till late last night I picked up the phone and answered with a sleepy hello.

    My piano teacher was on the other line and she told me "your piano lesson is supposed to be right now."

    I had completely blanked on it and began apologizing rapid fire thinking she'll understand that I just plum forgot.

    No. :angry2: She immediately began rattling on about how I'm wasting her time and how I need to change my habit of forgetting piano lessons. WHAT HABIT?! I'VE ONLY MISSED ONCE SINCE THE SUMMER STARTED!!! SORRY I PERHAPS WOULD LIKE TO HAVE SOMETHING CALLED A VACATION!!! Gosh!!

    She claims I'm not passionate enough about music and such. I am too!! Maybe not for the same type of music she is passionate for but I am passionate about that! I HATE GETTING RIPPED APART LIKE THIS!!

    Makes me happy I'll be bringing by the "Change of Major" form once school is about to begin. <_< <br />
    HOW DARE she tell me I'm not passionate!
    HOW DARE she tell me I have a bad habit!
    HOW DARE she tell me that I am too happy and need to be more sad!!


    Makes me wanna hit her over the head...
  • What is it with people who don't return phone calls? I'm not talking about your friends or grandma, I'm talking about business "professionals", to use the term loosely.

    I hate it when you have called someone two, three or more times on consecutive days and they still don't return your phone calls. People get busy, sure, but busy all day for three days straight? I know you are in the office, your secretary said so. I even left a personal message with her. Oh, you didn't get it? Fire the idiot! You got voice mail, you ever check it? Listen, you lazy :censored: . Surely you know how to dial a phone or order your secretary to dial for you. Oh yeah, you fired her. Well, return your phone calls yourself then. I mean, are you in business or what? :angry: The phone hasn't become obsolete, yet. Let your fingers do the walking, remember? By the way, I got a finger for you.
  • Hey, up here in Canada it's metric so we use our pinky finger for that one. I'm with you on that one chargerfanchs. We had a youth event going on and had someone lined up to provide refreshments after. We would've taken care of it ourselves but help was offered and we accepted. We wanted confirmation so 3 weeks prior began trying to call and E-mail. Sent many messages, didn't get anything back until 2 days prior. Said person was unavailable for one of the 2 nights and then showed up late with the goodies for the one they could attend, so one of us had had to do an emergency run to pick up snacks and juice for 120 people as we thought it was a no show. Someone else you want to let know that they're number 1!
  • Activision. I've had more games freeze up in the middle of playing their games than anyone else. Yesterday it was X-Men III - The Official Game. Froze up on me right in the middle of Wolverine shredding some Hydra guards in the holding pens. Luckily there is a save opportunity after each mission, so I didn't have to go too far back.

    Last time a game froze up on me, it was X-Men Legends II - The Rise Of Apocalypse (also by Activision) and I lost quite a bit of progress in it and a few hairs after pulling them out. It froze up in the same place every time. After half a dozen tries, I finally found out that I was carrying too much inventory. Did they not QA test these games all the way through? It was not just that mission, but the possibility of any mission freezing up on you for carrying too much inventory. To me, that is poor quality.

    Is it just X-Men games that Activision screws up or is it all of their games? :bash:

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