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    Mrs.E registered on the May 22, 2006, 3:47 am.
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  • Well, my wife found me..........hehehe. This is indeed my wifey, She is not much of a gamer but she is great in the..........kitchen. ;).

    Welcome Mrs.E, hope you enjoy!
  • Thanks for the warm welcome....'tis true not much of a gamer...that is Mr E's job :-) AND...I do prefer being in the kitchen.

    Looking forward to being here...I already love the games.

    ~Happy Week~
  • I love being in the kitchen too.... eating whilst gaming. ^^ Oh, and welcome.
  • Welcome to the Absolute Community, Mrs.E!

    If you need any help, hit up the "hubby" squad. :laugh:

    I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!

    Psst, Mr.E... Where you gonna hide now?
  • Oh no, Mr.E, this was your final domain of dominance, your fortress of solitude... the two worlds now collide!

    Lol... welcome Mrs.E, Im sure you will enjoy finding all the dirt about your hubby and finding all about those "other women".

    Have fun, and good luck posting.
  • Awww Mr. and Mrs. E both here on the Lute Commune! How adorable is that? So adorable it makes me want to puke. ^_^ Just kidding guys!

    Well Mrs. E, I'm sure the mister has told you about how to do everything on here.

    Truth be told, I started out on this site without having owned anything of gaming apart from an N64..and I've thrived here. You'll fit right in here with several women. (Me being one of them!)

    See ya around the forums! Glad to have another lady aboard the Absolute Community populus!
  • Yey Mr ed's Mrs!!!! :hug: Welcome

    He is sooooooooooooo gonna have to behave himself now tho!!!
  • welcome mrs e are u any chance related to mr e?
  • Woooooo Hooooooo!!! Hiya Mrs. E!!! This is very cool, having Mr. and Mrs. E together here!!!!!!!
    How lovely to have you!!!!!!!!!

    This will be great, having another woman in the kitchen with me; all that cookie baking tires one out... and doesn't leave nearly enough time for gaming! :g:

    Let me pull out the good china for you, fluff up the comfiest chair and fill a plate full of your favourite muffins for you!! Make your self as cozy as possible and have fun with your visits, I suuuure do hope there's lots of 'em!!!!!!!!!! :clap:

    Psssssst, Monk, scroll up and read... heeheeheeee.... she's Mr. Eds "better" half! :D
  • WOOOOWW!!!...This is something I've never seen in the gaming world...Mrs. E is breathing on Mr. E's back...eh,eh!...and I'm not talking about naughty stuff! She's the ultimate hubby stalker!!! :ph34r: be affraid, be very affraid Mr. E!!

    Hey, since you're gonna join my master (or should I say mistress!?? :blink: ) in the kitchen, maybe we could all have a feast!!!!...bring it on we say!!!!

    Well, but I was actually here to welcome lovely Mrs. E to our community so...errr...welcome! ^^
    It's really nice to see one more femme fatale in the gaming world...the more the merrier! (this is even better if we imagine a new game gender...sex!...multiplayer...online...or the old Mr. and Mrs. hangin' out in the couch! huh!?!?...imagine the possibilities!!!! --> this is me, in desperate need of a woman!!!!! :crybaby: )

  • Welcome aboard Mrs. E.

    I am sure that Mr. E has filled you in on all the goings on in here. If you prefer being in the kitchen, what is that saying about the Mr. in the bedroom? ;)

    Don't let the fact that the Missus is here now change your ways DC, as soon as you change a little, women expect you to change everything. ;)

  • WOW...thanks everyone! ....hey not to worry....he wont change cause Im here LOL...I know (most) all his deep dark secrets...but feel free to share any I may not know about...hehehe

    Think he will straighten up since I am here? NAH......and hey...he invited me and said I would love it here...so far he was SO very right!

    Happy Week!
    Mrs. E