Avatar Wars Contenders
  • So you have uploaded an avatar you want to enter to the Avatar War?


    Then all you need to do here is post that you want you avatar considered and give then name of you avatar if any and why or how you designed it.

    Dont want a post that would annoy SpamBot now do we ;)

    All entries must be in by 5pm Sunday 28th May
  • *steps up to figurative plate*

    Ill be the first to submit my entry.

    My entry is called "Horns Up!" and its a salute to all the metal fans out there.

    -The Making Of-

    Well, first I started off by using my webcam to do video captures of me making the actual hand movements.

    Then I took that video, and painstakingly "print screened" and pasted time lapse photos of the hand movement. I then used these pictures to make a massive version of the actual movement, which is around 300kb so I had no chance of uploading it. Its also oversize.

    Nonetheless, I then limited my images down to a certain few that minimized the amount of frames but still made for a decent gif image. I had so many variations, trying to get the images, timing, and sizes right (both area + memory).

    Thusly, I finally arrived at the final stage, and so Im proud to present, my pride and joy "Horns Up!" into the avatar awards.

    Good Luck Everyone.

    Made an early change to the avatar, its now a larger size but has been brought down to 2 frames at about 20/40. I think the loss of 1 frame for the gain in pix is a fair trade. Hope this change is ok.
  • Hey
    I'm in. I will stick true to the one and only character that ever touched my heart and soul, the mad jester Zorn.

    This pic is a piece of a bigger one I drew for future AV-awards, but then you know what happened with the disapearance of the whole page. You can see the whole pic by clicking my name and entering my profile.

    Hope you like it, I'm sure you'll let me know? :D

    Now, if you excuse me I've have to go have my Saturday morning Champange.
  • im entering mine called "Agent Smith"i have it because i like the matrix and it looks really cool with all the rain bouncing off his head
  • Okay, I'm entering this new one and calling it "Dementia", which I feel sometimes I have. It is an old picture I've had on the computer for a few years. I also was going to use it as an avatar before the site took it's little nap but never got the chance.

    The animation was my first attempt at animating jpeg files. The original dozen versions or so were way to big to upload and after hours of trial and error, I finally whittled it down to this. Previous versions I made had the wink only, not the flashing eye. The flashing eye was inspired by Longshot, a mutant in the Marvel Universe. Aligning the layers was especially tricky and all but the background were done by hand with paint. I may not win with this, but for learning how to use a jpeg/gif animator because of this AV War, I am already a winner! :clap: Thanks for teaching me something new!

    If anyone out there wants help animating a jpeg, pm me and I'll try to offer any help I can. I actually had a blast doing this one and am eager to try some more!

    "Dementia" is defined as a deterioration of intellectual facilities, such as memory, concentration or judgement. I may show a flash of brilliance every now and then, but for the most part my brain is leaking! :D
  • Mine is Faith - From Buffy the vampire slayer. This is one of my favourite shows and Faith is one of my fav characters

    She Kicks ass
    Shes a badd ass
    Shes a bit mental
    And she says what she feels..................... Just like me!!!! :devilish:
  • I'm sticking with my "Papa Het" or to you lot a South Park version of Metallica's front man James Hetfield. I used a South Park Character Creator off the net, screen capture & edited in Corel Photo Paint 12 to .GIF format.

    I choose James as he's been through what I've gone in the past (except the fame, forturne & a kick ass band) Has a kind creative side that pepole don't see (like moi!)

    I've got an idea for "The Loop" but don't think I'll have it ready in time

    BTW I was a AV winner many years ago so remember to the person who wins it will go to your head!!!
  • Well, mine is named 'Monster'.... and it's from an online comic... Won't say which one or anything, but I will say: Heart!

    Anyway, I created the gif easily enough. Took a screen cap of the comic, Photoshopped out the background, made the background a solid black.... though I may make the background transparent before all is said and done. I then made a second pic and blacked out half of the eyes. The last pic was a solid black frame.

    I then took Active GIF creator and made the gif, which added a watermark, since I didn't pay the $35 for it. I used the online Gifworks to take out this watermark, making it slightly smaller, but without a silly watermark. I did fiddle with the delay of each frame so that it looked closer to blinking eyes, and voila.

    A monster!

    Oh, and yeah... I was the first AV Awards winner, so I know what you mean Tiff ^^ I still remember that avatar, sadly.
  • Okay. Now that I have finally created my own I can post.

    The Making Of:
    The good old MS paint really does wonders! I just drew a picture of a Red pup (one of the ones from the end of the game of FF7) and colored it in. No real hard stuff to it.

    Huh? You woke me up!

    I know...original huh :D As I was drawing it I thought it looked like it had been asleep and was awakened by something.

    If I had a scanner my picture could've been a little more elaborate like that of manneman's Zorn, but that will have to wait for another war. ^_^
  • I wanna submitmy name

    My pics name is _______>the crash of DASH <________
  • Another Avatar Aw- I mean Wars? Oh goodness, this one shall be my second one, even though I only managed a 34th position back in the one I participated. It wasn't that bad, it could have been worse.

    Alright then, off to my avatar then.

    -Just Who is He?-

    The angry looking fellow on my avatar is none other than Laharl, Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness' main character. Don't blame him, he gets angered easily, does have a foul temper and will brag about how great he really is. He will act first and ask questions later. Nonetheless, his awfully cute appearance of a 1300 year-old demon is just of a spoiled brat. (Just picture a chibi-like anime character)

    -Making Of-

    Well, as a Nippon Ichi and Disgaea fan, I just had to have a Laharl avatar. So, I looked over for some decent images to edit and when I got one, I just made some decents cuts here and there and then add that L, which stands for Laharl, obviously. I still think it's a decent avatar, I like it anyways. ;x

    Demon Prince, Laharl

    All I can say now is Good Luck for everyone. May the best of us all win.
  • I will submit mine I call it "me on the comp" It is an av that everyone will support cause not only does it represent me mine is the only one that represents everyone i
    n this forum.

  • Mines simply titled " John's ready for war ". John Travolta, jdm, firepower, no remorse you get the idea.
  • Hi guys!

    Sorry to be posting this here, I know there was a thread for this...but I've searching everywhere and can't seem to find it. 'Till when can we enter the avatar? Is it the 29th, at noon..I'm not sure! :unsure:

    Thanx, Hugo.
  • Well, here is my lovely and deadly "Death Angel" She will lure you in with her inocent beauty and just when you think you got a good thing going Kill you with every thing she has. She's definatly ready for battle.
  • Hey, can't beat good ol' Exploding Head Guy. >_>

    I'm so not even going to justify it; what can you say to make an exploding head better than it already is? Surely there's a reason I landed third in the avatar awards way back when!
  • Might as well throw this one into the fray, Ghost Rider. It's the character from Marvel Comics and is soon to be released in theatres starring Nicholas Cage (not my first choice, i assure you). The character itself has been ne of my favorites and when i found this one in my web travels I said "why not?".
  • Ok, here's the new speedie... both of us! Conjoined twins... one of me is schizophrenic and the other is bi-polar.

    I call it: Both Sides.
  • As you have all been told to expect the unexpected, it will of course come as no surprise that the Avatar War has been closed and the victors decided.

    Prizes will be awarded for the Launch of World War 1 on 01.06.06

    First Prize
    Chaos' Neo Angel of Death for the post digital age weirdo monk
    Your prize is to begin the War at Level 15

    Second Prize
    jdm1108 for his JT getting his gun off
    Your prize is to begin the War at Level 10

    Third Prize
    star31 for her Death Angel. Seeing this beauty it comes as no surprise that JDM loves to get his gun off so often!
    Your prize is to begin the War at Level 5

    Many thanks to all who took the time to participate in this prelude to destruction.

    Now what the hell are you waiting for, get out there and start fragging. :59:

    (this information will also be posted in the Av War Discussion thread and that thread will be closed)
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