• Are any of you UFC fans? I love it, I think the fighting is awsome.

    I can't wait for the Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie match on saturday. Its going to be amazing.
  • Yeh i used to watch it years ago - My dad used to train at a gym with a guy who trained someone outta that (but cant remember his name!)

    Havent watched it for yonks tho!
  • Watched UFC 60 last night and I must say I was very impressed all the fights were over quick and either by submission or knockout.

    I have been a fan since UFC 1 and was very eager to see Gracie step back in the octagon. Incredible heart to stay in Hugh's arm bar for that long and to get out, a lot of respect for that man.

    What do you guys think of TUF 3 so far?

  • I like the series, but I don't think Shamrock takes it as seriously as he should. It seems like Ortiz puts a lot more effort towards his team. Hence why he is kicking shamrocks ass.