• Where do i get all the stuff for squall's lion heart sword? I know i refine the adamantines from the GF card, but what about the other stuff?
  • We discussed this before:

    To summarize though, you can destroy blue dragons on the Island Closest to Hell (and other monsters in other places) to get the Dragon Fang, and Elnoyles in Esthar city drop Energy Crystals that can be converted to Pulse Ammo.

    Here's a trick I found (haven't tested it yet though):
    Note - This trick is only available after the Lunar Cry has taken place. Be sure to junction the rare item (Bahamut) ability to a character.

    Step #1: Fly the Ragnarok to the Esthar Airstation:

    Step #2: From the Esthar Airstation, walk down two screens.

    Step #3: Continue south until you will reach a save point. At this screen, continue walking south.

    Step #4: At the next screen, walk toward the middle of the area, where 3 tunnels meet. There will be an Esthar citizen standing at the meeting point of the tunnels. Walk toward him and continue north, following the path.

    Step #5: On the following screen, you should see a stair case leading to a lower platform. If you look carefully, you will see a dark figure sitting along the ledges of the lower platform. If you talk to him, he will respond with "Heehahaheehee" and engage into a battle with you. This strange person is an Elnoyle. Elnoyle are one of the few creatures that randomly drop Energy Crystals.

    Before you talk to him, be absolutely sure that none of your characters are equipped with the mug ability. If the Elnoyle gets mugged, you will not get Energy Crystals. The Energy Crystals can only be won from the enemies that carries it.

    Once you've defeated the Elnoyle, you should be awarded two Energy Crystals. Along with that, he'll disappear from the screen. To fight him and win the crystals again, simply go to a different screen and return. He should be there! Fight him again to win some more energy crystals! Fortunately, there is a save point not so far. You should save regularly if you plan to build up a hefty supply of energy crystals.
  • moragog17, the Elnoyle looks a lot like the Elvoret from the Communications Tower in Disc 1, but he is much more powerful.
  • I found some info on the beast.
  • mug the big machine that fights u in FH lol i aint about to try to remember all those numbers and ull get an adamantine peace and if u want easy crystals just find a card player that consistently uses the elnoyle card. man it takes 10 hto for one crystal and then i believe u can refine dragon fangs from grendel cards no wait thats dragon fins. hmmmm jes beat the crap outta some blue dragons by trabia garden lol have fun(oh yeah i had my lion heart after the fight in FH lol aint i a stinker)
  • anamantines are easy if that is what you guys are looking for just go fight antamantoise and dont steal from the for a while well bye if that is all you are lookin for