Sex To Invade Games?
  • It seems every increasingly lately that sex is coming into the video game world, games such as "The Sims" (I know only minimal sex references), "Playboy Mansion", "Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball" and "BMX XXX"

    Do you think that sex will eventually become the main focus point of some games, almost like games that are featured on sites such as (Dating Simulators etc)

    Where do you think this is heading, or is it just a phase?
  • Sex Sells - but to a limited market - Not many under 16s are gonna understand the refrences (or is this me being old fashioned?)
    Is it like the big violence sells thing of a couple of years ago with GTA, state of emergency and manhunt? All came out with increasing degrees of violence because this was selling games.

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    Sex Sells - but to a limited market - Not many under 16s are gonna understand the refrences (or is this me being old fashioned?)

    I think your being a tad old fashined there Oddish. With what's shown in movies, on TV and on the net the average age of knowing pretty much could be quite a bit younger than 16.

    S#x does sell but in games I just think it's a novelty, violence is more what sells games. Example from The GTA series...... pick up a hooker in the game, take her to a secluded spot. You bump uglys, she takes your money, get's out the car...... Is it just me or did everyone get out the car, kill her and take your money back ?!?!?!? Straight back to the violence.
  • Lmao, I am going to agree with shag and yes I did that exact thing shag. I guess everyone did, go figure.

    As far as sex being a novelty in games, I agree that might be the case for now but you know what males are like as a sex. Eventually there will be some entirely sex focused game on a platform.
  • As long as it's there to further the story and not just a novelty act to try to push more games I have no problem with it- this is why we have the Mature ratings for games, after all. Games that try pushing the T&A as a main item of the game, however (a la The Guy Game, BMX XXX), can shove off. Have enough trouble now with politicians thinking game companies are trying to corrupt the kids.
  • I must say I'm pretty much for the evolution of sex industry in the gaming world...I mean, think about it, yes at first it may sound kind of a male chauvinist thing...but, what about the positive side?! could work really well as an instructor on teenage sex education, there would be less recurrency to prostitution and thus a reduction, hopefuly, of STD's!...wouldn't this be good?! ^_^

    What do you think about this?
  • Anyone played any of the Fear Effect games? There's plenty of provocative and suggestive (and downright 'in-your-face') sexual stuff in there! For example; in FE2, the scene with the two lovely ladies in the elevator. Need I say more?

    I don't belive this is a passing phase, I think it's a stepping stone. What's 'suggestive' now will lead to its own market for 'mature gamers' only, ie: gaming porn. That's what I predict. And, why not!? I mean, there didn't used to be porn downloads available on phones but now there is.... it's just a growing technology market, anything for a buck, or 50.
  • I spose if gamers are willing to shell out a little more for a "porn" game then that is really up to them. The truth is a lot of them could probably spend what they would on the game for one night on the town, get really wasted and well... you get the picture.

    I suppose its true, depending on the reality and appeal of the games that are produced, there may be a decrease in prostitution and possibly even rape? As long as the games dont get into the wrong hands then it might not be a problem.

    However there is always the bunch that is totally against any kind of pornographic material, I doubt they would react positivley to the games.
  • Throughout history there have always been the skeptic and "old-fashioned" people...still, I think things shouldn't stop evoluting, if that was the case where would our freedom be?!...I mean, man has almost all of his biology set for reproduction, but we got a bonus from the "Head-Chief up there", we get to do it with pleasure, pain, agony...with feeling!! :clap: so, do men have to continue struggling to get a "female's" attention for just one night (when most women consider sex for sex plain stupid!) when we could have a virtual one, hopefuly with sensations aswell...and we'd get another bonus, we could make our perfect virtual female...according to our "taste"! :blush:
    Hey, and I'm not a male chauvinist...same goes for all the ladies who may want a man for one night!...big, strong muscles and other...attributes!
    My only doubt on this is that man can get so tecnological that he may forget how to interact with his peer!...but I don't take that as a strng possibility...nothing beats good old raw sex! :punk:
  • Lethal, you are sooooo right, there would be oposition galore from the Right-Wingnuts!!! I still feel that that will be the direction these "types of games" will go. Eventually I feel it will become a market all to itself; the gaming market will evolve and evolve until we've come up with an "adult only" gaming market, (ie: sans clothing et al), and those games will then require being sold in "Adult Shops", just as many other things are.

    Some of us may recall that certain "women's relaxation items" which require electricity/batteries used to be publicly advertised in common woman's magazines and mail-order catalogs, sold as promoters of "health, vigor and beauty". They've certainly evolved from the early 1900's now, haven't they!?

    I don't see the games as being any different.
    I do, however, see the market being male-dominated, as males are more visually oriented when it comes to sex, generally speaking, much more so than women.

    So, as the original question asked, that's where I see it heading. As for "do I have a problem with that?"
    hahahahahahahahahahahaa.... heck no!!!!!!!!! As long as Hubby involves me in his "gaming" sometimes too! I mean, what's the fun of learning something new if you don't have someone to practice it on!? :g:
  • Lol, if thats your "bag" speedie, you might want to grab a compy of Rez - Special Package on Ps2 if you can. It is *basically* a music shooting game of some sort;

    "The premise places you as a futuristic hacker, avoiding security systems and navigating through databases to crack codes in a way strongly reminiscent of the trance vibratorTron. Your mission: information needs to be free. "Flying down neon corridors shooting space/machine beings in time to techno music", as Justin put it, is a pretty good description, as is "Tron on Ecstasy."

    And comes with a "trance vibrator" :wink:

    Ill PM you the link since the site has minor adult content, very minor.
  • Having fun with Hubby has always been "my bag"... in whatever creative ways we can think of! ;)

    I think we both would enjoy that game!! :laugh:
  • Honestly Lethal, I have not seen many games which entail sexual themes. But then again, I don't go out looking either. ;)

    I think there has been a significant push for sexual situations in the media, not JUST videogames. FOX News reported about a year ago that in a survey of teenagers they learned all about sex via television series much more than they would through a videogame.

    I know that GTA has several times when you must pick up a she gives you more life from lovin', but I have not played far enough into that game to really see if it gets anything more than that. What's ironic about GTA having hookers is that while the bumping is going on you can see the hooker and you sitting at least 3 feet away from each other on opposite sides of the car.

    And as for the Sims. I had a "pimp" sim in the Sims 2 whom had 7 different lovers..and 12 kids. While I wouldn't have enjoyed playing with this particular sim when I was on that game very much when my real life relationships took a bust the pimp sim was my way of making myself laugh during tough times. I'd screw up his relationships far worse than mine would be which made my life that much more entertaining. You can't really eliminate "sex" from the Sims though as Sims are supposed to be a "simulation of real life".

    I don't mind the sexual themes in games really. While I do believe however, that one must be mature enough to handle such situations and not be in possesion of a game if they aren't. I think that there is quite a push for too much sex on movies and television shows...which is what I'm not favorable towards.
  • I have no problem with any kind of sexual content in games. I find the majority of people who complain about video games have no idea what they entail anyway. I bet 90% have never picked up a controller in their lives.

    I see graphic violence no different than graphic sexual content, why has graphic violence been somewhat accepted but sexual content been shunned? :g:

  • Sex in video games was inevitable. It pervades our culture and video games are a part of that. I have no problem with a little T&A in the games as long as it adds to the storyline, as Lyndon said. I thought the little scene in God Of War was a bit gratuitous, but it wasn't so bad that it detracted from the game.

    Games like Leisure Suit Larry, where the whole point is to get drunk and get girls naked are the other end of the spectrum. However, the entire game is based around this premise so if you don't like it you simply don't play it. The fact that it is cartoonish in nature doesn't change the idea behind it and eventually I imagine we will see more graphic content. Just like nudity and sex on TV has become more prevalent and acceptable I see video games heading the same way.

    Sex in video games doesn't really bother me. I have, however, heard friends talking about certain video games for their sexual content. It was the primary reason they were interested in the game. So, sex does sell, at least in certain markets and to certain target consumers. Can't Sony and other consoles restrict licensing to producers of future "sexploitation" games? Is it their responsibility to police the games released for use on their systems? Or is that someone else's problem? Those are the questions I'd like answered.