Happy 06/06/06
  • No it's not the Apocalypse, but the Arockalypse :devilish: (stole that from Lordi)

    All bow down you worthless scum & praise to our Masters - Tom Araya, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman & Dave Lombardo! :notworthy:

    I'm off to play SLAYER very loud & watch there classic "Still Reigning" DVD before going to work listening to there albums in the car & singing in the factory.

    oh, must not forget. It's Janeybobs & mine anniversary. :wub:
  • Rock on there Tiff...... I haven't written the date today yet so didn't even notice.

    Happy 06/06/06, oh and Happy Aniverillasrilally (not even spell check can help me with that word) to you and Jane :clap:
  • Today is also Swedens National-Day (We have always been independant so we can't have an indipendance day).

    Happy anniversary J&T. :clap:
  • |m|

    That pretty much says it all, I did my part and played Reign in Blood really loud all day and wore my Slayer Tee.

    Happy anniversary too Tiff and (just recently) High Priestess Janeybobs of the Circle of St Metallica. :laugh:
  • Found this link which is quite relevent to today's date. A revamp from an old classic but should be good.
  • Lol, its funny how people thought today was going to be the end of the world. Just a normal day.

    Happy aniversary to you Tiff and Jane!!
  • wonder how many kids born today will be called damian???
  • I like the name Damien Oddish, but now that I'm seeing previews for the omen I'm not so sure I wanna name a kid that. :(

    Happy 06-06-06 peeps!

    My school wasn't in utter chaos like I thought it would be, but oh well.

    Happy Anniversary to Tarzan and Jane!
  • Over 9 months ago Jane wouldn't let me get her pregnant. I wonder why? :g: hehehe and that's a true story!!
  • Has anybody seen the omen yet btw?
  • No, I am right in the middle of uni exam week! Gah! I do plan to go and see it though, most likely this weekend.
  • Parts of that preview look exactly like what I remember from the origional movie. I guess it'll be almost exactly the same just with much better effects.
  • QUOTE(SpeedDemon @ Jun 6 2006, 01:42 PM) [snapback]65286[/snapback]

    Lol, its funny how people thought today was going to be the end of the world. Just a normal day.


    Wow, I hadn't heard the garbage junk rubbish stuff about a predicted end of the world for yesterday, but I know there were lots of bombing predictions for yesterday, supposedly to have taken place, yet again, on American soil and in Canada. None of which came to fruition, might I add. Everything these days gets sensationalized to the point of being rediculous!! /sigh.

    I like the name Damien, by the way, and I'm sure there were lots of boys born yesterday who got that name... hope they like it too! Unfortunately they'll be stuck with that stigma for the rest of their lives. What I wonder is: How many of those boys will end up with sky-high therapy bills in their adult years? :blink:
  • Happy Anniversary Odd and Tiff!