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  • If you would like to take part in the 5 hour battle on Sunday July 2nd 2006 please post a message below.

    Battle Start Time:

    UK: 17:00 (5pm)
    USA East: 12:00 (12 noon)
    USA Pacific: 09:00 (9am)
    AUSTRALIA Sydney: 02:00 (2am)
    CANADA Toronto: 12:00 (12 noon)
    CENTRAL EUROPE: 18:00 (6pm)

    Battle End Time:

    UK: 22:00 (10pm)
    USA East: 17:00 (5pm)
    USA Pacific: 14:00 (2pm)
    AUSTRALIA Sydney: 07:00 (7am)
    CANADA Toronto: 17:00 (5pm)
    CENTRAL EUROPE: 23:00 (11pm)

  • You'd better believe I'll be there.Win or lose the war as a whole is irrelevant at this point. It will go to the 5th battle, the Axis will have it no other way. My teammates and I will not be denied victory. :punk:
  • I am there. :punk:
  • Oh, YOU can count on it !!!!! I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!
  • I am so ready to die for the AXIS. I am in.
  • Here comes the BOOM! Wouldn't miss it!
  • Will definately be there.
    I'ma bring all the other ALLIES puppies too. :D
  • Though I can bet we're going to be half-leveled yet again (psych! :devilish: ) we will be one half-leveled team which doesn't give up!!!!! Count me in! :boxing:
  • Got my weapon cleaned, c0cked, locked and ready to rock!!! :punk:

    Red, you're bringing puppies for everyone!?!? Oh goodie!! May I have a Doberman, please? ^_^
  • QUOTE(RedKenny @ Jun 27 2006, 06:25 AM) [snapback]66346[/snapback]

    I'ma bring all the other ALLIES puppies too. :D

    Save teo for matching clogs!

    Will be there :boxing:
  • Thanks to everyone who applied for this game, but there really isnt enough interest from either team to run this round today.

    Totally understandable as this has gone on for a long time.

    We will pick this up again in a few weeks time, when people have had a chance to fully recover from the weeks (and weeks) of battling.
  • Battle 4 has been cancelled due to "not enough interesrt from either team".
    The Axis team would formally like to make a formal complaint regarding this.

    The Axis team-members were not showing lack of interest in our view.
    Some took a day off from work, others left their childrens birthday parties to participate. These acts are not reversable and so you might understand our disapointment.

    We understand that planing an event like this is hard. We also understand that morals of one team or another can be failing due to fatigue. But we do not understand why a Walk Over victory is not announced.
    If this is to simulate a war what do you think wold happen in the case of one side descides to take over a piece of land and there is no opposition there? Do they wait another week for the enemy to show up or do they simply take what they came for?

    Give AXIS their rightful reward and prepare for the final battle is what I say. If ALLIES are having trouble finding men and women to fight for their cause my office will gladly accept a letter in which they state defeat.

    Leader of AXIS forces.

  • I must agree, the Axis were penalized in battle 1 for abandoning their posts. Thereby I think the Allies not showing up should be likewise chastised. I do know for a fact that there were 6 Axis members chomping at the bit to go to war and were denied their rightful retribution upon the Allies. If this is due to a schedule or site complication I do understand, however lack of interest is not plausible as we had a full regiment ready to go.
  • Thanks for your voicing your opinion. You have been heard and we will let you know what has been decided.

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