House Cleaning
  • Do you ever find that every time you clean your house/appartment that it is just as dirty or even dirtier the next day? Sometimes I don't understand where it all comes from. I spend like an hour cleaning up and the next day it is right back to the way it was. I need a nanny, lol.
  • It's like trying to hold back the tide!
  • Yes,it seems to be a never ending job!! You can clean until it is spotless and as soon as you turn around it is a mess again. I want a huge vacuum so I can just suck everything up into it and be done.
  • Oh Boy, don't I know!!!!!! The worst thing for me is the kitchen!! I swear, I think I live in there, every time I turn around I need to be back in there again, either to cook or to clean up afterward. Maybe we should all stop turning around!? :blink:
    Now that I've been a "housewife" (yes, I am no longer married to Steve, I am now married to my house) the chores are never-ending!!!!! I finally got my son's old room emptied (and I mean, like, echo-echo-echo type empty!), painted and carpet shampoo'd, window blinds scrubbed, windows scrubbed.. WOW, what an undertaking!!! And there's always still all the rest of the house to contend with... Star, when you find that giant vacuum, please tell me where you got it, because I want one too!! ;)
  • Hell yeah! Clean is such a myth, were does all the stuff that ends up on the floor come from, I swear I dont remember putting it there? What is going on! Lol, I find I tend to clean my room but then destroy all my work searching for something I cannot find but really need! Gah!
  • Yeah , even though there are only the 2 of us in the house it still looks like a band of 100 been through and decided to knock everything off on their way.

    Im not the most tidy of people - but i like the living room to look neat and tidy - but you can hoover and dust and as soon as you sit down it needs doing again!!
  • seriously you all need one of these


    dip in water and your done
  • QUOTE(Ms Marshmallows @ Jun 29 2006, 09:12 PM) [snapback]66431[/snapback]

    seriously you all need one of these

    dip in water and your done

    Lol,, and let's see now, the broom handle goes where? :D

    My two daughters create a hell of a lot of cleaning for me to sort out. Wet towels after bath time. Peeling dropped under the kitchen table. Pencil sharpenings on the floor and toys everywhere. I get on top of it, but geez does chew up a lot of time. The funny thing is my eldest daughter gets anoyed at the Sims making a mess in Sims 2 on the PC but doesn't see it as a problem in reality :huh:

    Our dog who's a Staffordshire bull terrier is getting a little "long in the tooth" and is starting to have a few "accidents" in our laundry which add to the pressure of keeping a clean home. <_<
  • Wow. Clean house? My place is hardly ever clean. I believe that everytime I clean it, it takes that much more longer to keep it up. One superbowl sunday I cleaned my whole room like...echo echo type of thing..and alas...took two weeks and the mess was back again. This really hinders me in saying I need a place of my own. Daddy thinks I won't keep it up. :g: Gotta admit, he probably has a point.

    Digger, as for your oldest daughter I gotta say, the Sims are very messy "people" but unlike real life, you just enter a code and you can delete all their dirty dishes, diapers, bottles..ANYTHING they throw on the floor and VIOLA clean house!! Course, I got sick of deleting dishes from my Macho Man sim's house and eventually hired a nanny whom he got married to. :D Perfect combo I say.

    Now, I gotta go clean the kitchen... -_-
  • Cleaning house? :huh: I'm semi aware that it goes on around me but I don't participate in such menial tasks. I'm much too busy with other things like watching TV, video games, being on the computer. You know, important things. :D

    Pssst Digger. I think that thing is self propelled.

  • As for my personal space, I have very little trouble for the most part. In reguard to the house and yard as a whole, I feel I have two full-time jobs. I abhor hearing "I can't find it so can I use yours ?" They know where my stapler is but as for their 3-4, not a clue. Wifey isn't the one it's the girls. Love the plates and bowls under the bed thing as well. We have downsized to paper plates for that reason. Star is almost right, I just want to use things once and go to Wal-Mart to replace everything one a month. My garbage men would have a hey-day. :g: