Where Are You?
  • I thought it would be a good idea to start us up a Frappr map. This will let us pinpoint our location and help us learn a bit more about each other. Everyone new and old to the site is invited to add themselves to the map- it can be found at http://www.frappr.com/ACifrappr .

  • Wonderful idea, should prove interesting and educational. I hope that this thread doesn't get overlooked.
  • Lynny, this is a fantastic idea :wub:

    I dont know how there is 2 of me - but there is only one really lol!!
  • LOL. Very funny Lyndon. :D

    I love it!
  • Took a while to get a hold of the exact coordinates for my house.
    Then I realised you could zoom. :D
    This map is great Lyndon, thanks.
  • Well, after a fair bit of mucking around I got it to work... it didnt help my headache much but COOL! I will check it out later when I am not so delerious!
  • You know how spread out the community is but it's cool actually seeing it. Great job!
  • Took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working properly, but FINALLY got myself AND my home town on the map. :clap:
    Just slightly North-West of Leeds, England. B)
  • Finally got myself added to the map... but that place is hard to navigate. Couldn't quite pin down the exact location but I did get the state right! There are half a dozen messages I didn't mean to add but somehow did? Weird. I happened to run into Majik while in there and got to use the chat feature, so that part was pretty cool. Nice idea Lyndon!
  • A cool map. Where did you find it? I am there if you can find me. :)
  • Yes, they do make it a tad difficult to get around don't they? They're still in beta so that plays a part in it. I've had to e-mail them to get my location added in- they kinda went for just the larger population areas in their database. I'll clean up those messages in a bit. ;)

    Kremzeek, I knew of Frappr for some time thanks to seeing it at other sites and reading about it in magazines. Had seen this done at sites for a couple of podcasts I listen to and figured "why not?".

  • Wow, this is really cool!!!!!!! Of course I added my little self in there as well. I noticed that it's still in BETA, so that explains the choppy move-ability, but that's ok.
    Excellent idea!!! :clap:
  • Top idea Lyndon. I'll be adding my locale "shortly", just taking a H3ll of a long time loading the map details with dial up.
  • Nice find Lyndon, I have added the MAP as a link at the top of each page, I will also add it and the MYSPACE link to the main site too.