Wrestling, Anyone?
  • Just wondering if anyone watched RAW last night?
    Living in England, I have to stay up until 2am to watch it and then it doesn't finish until about 4-4:15am.
    Anyway, my main reason for writing this is last nights main event.
    Was a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship featuring the champ, ECW's Rob Van Dam and RAW's Edge and John Cena.
    Was a brilliant match. Went on for quite a while until, finally, Cena had the upperhand. First of he delivered the FU to Edge, right over the top rope. Then he delivered the FU to RVD, after having delivered the FU to Lita, ready to either pin Van Dam or get him in the STFU which NOBODY gets out of. Anyway, before he got a chance to do any of that, Edge got back into the ring and hit Cena with the WWE Championship belt. Unfortunately, under Triple Threat rules ANYTHING goes, no DQ's, so, once again, Edge capitalised on the situation to cheat his way to the championship.
    It's important to take note that Edge pinned RVD and NOT Cena, because he knew, even though he'd hit him with the belt, Cena would've somehow kicked out of a pin, then he would've tried to pin RVD, who would've had a chance to shake off most of the FU, who would've then kicked out, so he went straight to RVD, who hadn't had time to recover.

    I really hope that Saturday Night's Main Event STILL has a Triple Threat match with these three superstars for the WWE championship. I think they need to change the match though. Instead of just a normal Triple Threat, they should have it in a Steel Cage, or possibly a Hell in the Cell match.
    Actually, they should make it some sort of I Quit match. Yeah, a Triple Threat I Quit match where two of the wrestlers could pick on the other one until he said I Quit, resulting in him being eliminated, then that would just leave the other two as a normal I Quit match.
    I guess that would make it a Triple Threat Elimination I Quit match (or something like that :g: )

    EDGE WILL PAY!!!!!

  • In all honesty, Jay, I hardly watch the WWE any more as the writing has become complete crap (former soap opera/ comedy writers who know nothing about wrestling, mostly) and there is almost no actual "wrestling" during a show (maybe 3-4 matches over the 2 hours). Too much time is spent doing these 20 minute promos or half-assed vignettes backstage.

    I find myself drawn more toward TNA Impact and their pay-per-views. The wrestlers there are allowed to do their thing and not scale back to a low risk style of wrestling. The people writing the storylines are wrestlers/ former wrestlers who have been in the business awhile and the backstage stuff is kept to a minimum, maybe a quick 2 minute (max) interview before going to the ring for the next match.

  • I know Devilchild loves wrestling and has done some semi pro wrestling himself. I haven't seen much from him lately though.

    I myself am more into the UFC than the WWE. I like watching the guys fight for real. I also like that it is just fighting and there aren't any crazy storylines. Pride fighting is pretty cool too.
  • I am indeed a wrestling mark, but I have all but lost interest in the current US pro wrestling scene. I am more into Puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling) and som Lucha libre.