Italy Vs France
  • Alright guys with the big game coming up tomorrow who do you think will be the victor?

    I am going for Italy. Being of Italian decent I have to root for my boys :59: . Everybody that I work with though, are rooting for France. We have been trash talking each other since tuesday, lol. I think Italy has a strong defense and a solid goalie.

    GO ITALY!!!!!!
  • I have no idea about these things. I only really started watching with any interest this World Cup. However, I have watched both teams play and I really could not decide, so I literally flipped a coin! France got the nod. They were heads and old Abe Lincoln came up on the flip, so my vote is for France!

    Just because I used a penny for the flip, don't think I am taking this lightly! It was the first coin I came across! ;)
  • This is a hard call. If France would have had a better Keeper I wouldn't have had any doubts about them winning seeing what tremendous shape they are in. Also France have a very strong counter attack and I don't think that Canavaro, even though he might be the best central defender in the world, can keep Henry from scoring.
    Italy has a wonderful game but I think France will do a good job destroying it, as they did with Brasil.

    My vote goes to France, mostly though since I dislike Buffon. :D I think he is a little slimy...
  • I gotta go wit France, I just wanna see Zidane go out on a win.

  • I gotta go with Italy. France doesn't have the backbone to stand up with the USA so they don't have what it takes to take the World Cup.
  • I am backing the Italians. I said a month ago they would be in the final and i feel that todays game in Berlin is one too many for France's old men.
  • I'm routing for France for the same reasons as Mr. E.
  • My god, Zidane went flippin' yonkers. I don't know what was said but that was one header France could have done without.
  • QUOTE(Mr.E @ Jul 9 2006, 03:44 PM) [snapback]66721[/snapback]

    My god, Zidane went flippin' yonkers. I don't know what was said but that was one header France could have done without.

    Heck of a way to end your World Cup career! You won't soon forget that, will ya?! It makes you wonder exactly what was said to set him off? :g:
  • And they say its the Italians who are temperamental....Oh well.

    I am looking forward to visiting the bookies tomorrow :clap:
  • Well, it is known that Zindane is abit of a hot head at times, I believe he stomped on the back of a Saudi defensemen awhile back. Tis a dang shame that his legacy will be forever tanished by that act.

    With that being said, Cheers to Italia!!!
  • Ahh I love it. My boys pulled out the big W. All the guys at work were excited when France went up in the first five minutes. Im glad i was the one laughing in the end. :harhar: