007 Agent Under Fire
  • Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows how to finish the Evil Summit level because when i follow that guy into the tunnel i keep dying because the floor caves in and i can't get across the floor to kill him. Thanx.

  • Haven, after Nigel is gone, jetpack up and then follow him. It will lead into the room, then you get a rocket launcher and kill him.

    Hope that helps.
  • Well i do follow him through the pipe but the floor caves in and i die as soon as i get into the room with him. But thanx anyway for the help
  • Okay, it is pretty simple. After you get through the pipe, make sure that you have the rocket launcher out. Make sure that you run on the carpeted part of the floor only! This part will not cave in. You then must get fairly close to him, and blast him. I hope that this helps!
  • HAY! I just got to that level a few minutes ago. The first time i played the level the snipers got me. then the second time I got to the 2 towers where the snipers were. After that tons and tons of bad guys come out of the building below. then I grab the grappling hook and swing down. then i ran out of ammo and they shot me to death.
    Can anyone help me on this.
    Or give me a stradegy guide for this level?
    Oh, and also is this the last level to the game?
  • thanks for the help mavm! :laugh:
  • badboy 3223, unfortunatly this is the last level in the game
  • Thanks for the help. I'll try that as soon as I get offline.

    Hey api, I think you should let him write a stradegy guide for this game for you guys. I could under stand everything he was talking about. I think he would be good at it.
  • Hay I did what you told me and it helped me out allot.
    I got past it then I beat the section where you have to save all those people and the president. Then I had to fight that one guy who is in a blue type water suit.
    I guess the first time I killed him it was his clone. :nono:
    Now this time I have to fight him around a pit ful of fire. And he has a bazzoka.
    Can you help me out with this one?
  • Allright, this one is a bit harder. First of all when you are in the room where you rescued the first 4 world leaders earlier in the level, Bloch will shoot at you with a bazooka. The trick is to stay behind him and keep blasting him with a maching gun and avoid any rockets he fires in your direction. When he flies up onto the lower balconies continue blasting him with a machine gun. After you hit him enough times he will then use his jetpack to fly up onto the top balcony, partially destroy the bridge in the middle of the room, and go out a door.

    You must now re-fuel you q-jet (if you have not done so already) at one of the stations at either end of the room on the walls perpendicular to the control panels for the silo door programs (where you aquired door programs earlier in the level.) There is also body armor here and at the station on the other side of the room, pick it up if necessary. Now you must use your q-jet to get onto the lower end of the partially collapsed bridge in the middle of the room. Once you have done that, walk up to the high side of the bridge, turn around, so you are facing the lower end of the bridge where you got onto the bridge. Take aim at the grate above the door where bloch (the guy with the rocket launcher) dissapeared into and use your q-claw to get onto the top balcony. Now go through the tunnel, and earlier posts describe the rest.

    PS: sorry if this isn't quite as through as the first discription, but i am late for school, so i gotta run!!!
  • Okay, I got past him before
  • API hasn't told me anything yet, and unfortunatly this is the end of the game! Oh well, Now i am just waiting for the next medal of honor game for ps2. It should be even better than this game, and much longer!
  • Are you serious!!! That was the end! That sucks! In the comercials for it, it has at the end the chick in the white shirt who helps you at he end with the jet, well she like "Ooooohhhhhhh James." (it craked me up) and it seemed to me that would be at the end of the game. You know, bond always gets the girl at the end (and a little more :cuddle:
  • :2silly:
    I just fired a rocket at him at that point. tis the end of the game there. No fancy shmancey bond ending. I was quite dissapointed. Do you have to beat it on all difficulties to get an ending?
    I also have a question, in the mission where you are shooting ppl with darts (or with your hands like i prefer for more points) I can only find 3 of the 4 '007' spinning symbols. (after you get gold status in a mission you can redo again for extra platinum bonus) Can't find it anywhere.. . please help :)
  • If you let me know where the 3 you found were, i may be able to help. I am not sure if i have got all of the 007 symbols in this level yet.