What Are You Playing
  • The most recent games I've been playing lately are Oblivion :punk: on the PC and Vice City on the PS2. Really enjoying Oblivion. So much to do and such a huge playing area to do it all in :clap:

    What games are currently keeping you up till the early hours of the morning :g:

  • As of late I've been finishing up Burnout Revenge and working on Tomb Raider Legend and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. All three are on the PS2.
  • Have had very little time lately for any game playing other than doing a bit of retro play (as noted in my classic gaming thread). When i do get a bit of time I've been messing with a round or two of Uno on the 360's Live Arcade (haven't done any multiplayer yet but would be interested in hooking up with other ACi peeps) and have recently picked up Stacked featuring Daniel Negraneau for the PS2. Did a bit of a quick play on a cash table and so far I haven't seen any problems with it. I plan on soon starting up the career mode on there and looking in on the online play/tournaments put on by MTV, who are working with them.

    Upcoming for me is Real World Golf, which I picked up on eBay for the PS2 (out of curiosity, mainly, plus i noticed the reviews were decent for it). Should be seeing it arrive late this week/early next along with a few retro games i also picked up (eBay can become a habit quick :blush: ).

  • I'm currently playing Half-Life Ep1 on the PC again, GTA-LCS on the PS2 and managed to get hold of the famously banned PS1 game Thrill Kill :devilish: this one is a major keeper & not be selling that. Will be getting LocoRoco for the PSP sometime soon, but need
  • Current weapon of choice is Hitman Blood Money. Pretty decent game - but to be honest i dont thing they will ever better 2 Silent Assassin for game play.

    Am about to start up GTA LCS but that will have to wait for a week or so as i dont have the time at the minute to give it the love and attention it deserves.

    Tiff, i seem to recall playing Thill Kill once upon a time - wasnt it a sort of 4 way beatem up that you could use anything as weapons, including severed (by you) limbs?
    I dont remember it being a great game, tho (if i am thinking about the right game)
  • Currently re-playing Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, absolute classy game. It always feels good to know that you know exactly what to do and what not to do the second time around in a game :D

    I havn't played oblivion in aaaages. I lost intrest once I became leader in all four guilds. Actually, another problom with the game was that I got the ability to cast chameleon on myself, to a degree of over 100%, used in conjuction with my sneak skill of over 100, I could basically chameleon myself and sneak being an enemy to repeatadly attack them while they can't do a thing. It made the game too easy, and while that was the plan when I made my character (to be able to cloak myself to snaek attack/escape easily) I never though that this would happen. I always die terribly if I try to fight any other way too >_<<br />
  • Im still playing Halo 2, big suprise there, lol.

    I am also playing kingdom Hearts 2 which is amazing. Square-Enix has done a great job making a this sequel. I plan on playing either Xenosaga 2 or Romancing Saga when I finish kH2. I also plan on playing Digital Devil Saga, but that is only if i can find it .
  • Right now I'm going old school and have dusted off the old SNES to play Final Fantasy VI. Just finished retreating down the river. It's a great game so far. I'm impressed. :clap:
  • I'm still working on the last black ops mission on Black, although it has been over a week since I've played it. I've been putting it off because I don't want it to end! Instead I went back to Destroy All Humans. I got bored with it at one point but have picked it up again with interest. Next on the list is MGS Subsistence.
  • QUOTE(Majik @ Jun 25 2006, 04:19 PM) [snapback]66260[/snapback]

    Tiff, i seem to recall playing Thill Kill once upon a time - wasnt it a sort of 4 way beatem up that you could use anything as weapons, including severed (by you) limbs?
    I dont remember it being a great game, tho (if i am thinking about the right game)


    Little Story - Thrill Kill was the first four player fighting game for the Playstation, developed by Paradox and published by Virgin Interactive. It was revolutionary at the time for its unique fighting engine and over-the-top violence. However, when Virgin Interactive closed its doors, all rights to their game library was purchased by Electronic Arts. EA deemed the violence and sexual themes as inappropriate for their target audience (family) at the time and pulled it from the shelves very quickly. Later they would use the same idea & game engine & make Wu-Tang: Taste The Pain. It was the same game but with no mental S&M thing going on. For it's time it was a good'ish beat'em up, only hardcore retro need apply though!

    If only they saw what GTA has done for Rock Star :D
  • I'm playing power stone2 in the arcades... I believe it was originally from dreamcast. It's kind of a kids game, but kids can't handle this game because of various strategies. It a four player rumble game... Just kill the other players before they kill you. ^^
  • We've been playing Shadow of the Colossus. I had to establish a rule with the boy. No playing any of my games past any level where I'm at. He just doesn't get why it makes me cranky to come home from work and have him tell me how to beat the next few levels. He either leaves them alone or is banished to the NES. Take that you little punk! He also tried to play my Resident Evil Code Veronica behind my (which I have to date kept away from the kiddies) and had given up on in frustation by being unable to make it to the first check point without getting zombified. Aaah, sweet justice.
  • MGS 3:Subsistance online, Shadow of The Colossus, Powerstone 2 (Dreamcast), Half-Life ( Dreamcast), Illbleed ( Dreamcast)
  • Goodness Gracious nsngwii, looks like you have a large helping of games on your plate.

    How're you liking Shadows of Colossess? I remember watching my friend play it. It looks pretty difficult..with having to watch your grip and all. :D
  • I know I said I was about to play GTA Liberty City Stories, but I sort of got side tracked after spending the entire weekend slaving in the garden for the missus (tho she sells it as it being for "us"). She gave me Outrun Coast2Coast as a gift and I am having a blast doing that old skool sideways around the corners thing in a Ferrari.

    Ah, its total candy but I seem to have a very sweet tooth at the moment :rolleyes:
  • Haven't played Oblivion for a while now, waiting till I can afford a decent graphics card. Currently playing a few games at the moment which include

    Sims 2 (PC). Created a map of Vice City using Sim City 4, copied the map and pasted the map into the Sims 2 terrain folder to use as a Sims 2 neibourhood. Recreating Vice City sims style and downloading a number of Vice City related building ie Vercetti Mansion, Malibu Club etc when found.

    Last night, got a copy of Battlefied2 which came with a Pizza Hut meal deal. Trouble was however, I didn't realise it was mainly a multiplayer internet game. Only currently having dial up kind of taints the game a little. I was surprise however that I could play BF2 over the internet although things ran a bit staggered and weird due to slow internet speed. Even had some sucker jump into a jeep with me to man the machine gun and before I knew it an enemy tank materialised and fragged the pair of us.

    Also bought Rome Total War for $20.00 AUD on special at EB. Top strategy game.

    Picked up Freedom Fighters second hand from the Video Shop. Brilliant game.

    Also bought Dungeon Keeper 2 last week. A tad old but...

    In general, I'm jumping from game to game like a cat on a hot tin roof. Not much is holding my attention at the moment despite most of the above being top titles :wacko:
  • Well, I'm same as Digger. Just can't seem to stick to one particular game. Up until about two weeks ago I was playing Dragonquest VIII on PS2, but completed it, fully, so got the BEST ending.
    Apart from that, I've played Oblivion of my PC, not played it for a couple of months though. Plays really well on my pc as well, thanks to my 256MB Radeon 9600 graphics card, sooo want a 512mB one though, but having trouble finding one, not many around for some reason :wacko:
    Er, recently been playing Beach Life on the PC. What a game that is, it's old, but still pretty cool, or HOT as it's set on desert Islands and stuff :blink:

    Er getting Civ4 Warlords this week so will play that for a bit until I get bored.

    I'm waiting for the next C&C games when they FINALLY get it released.
    Also, waiting for the next Sim 2 expansion pack. Though haven't even heard ANY details about the next one. Wish they'd get it released :crybaby:

    That's about it really

  • Badly playing (or singing) SingStar Rocks along with SingStar 80's

    My voice is now buggered and the neighbours aren't happy with my encores
  • Fire Pro Wrestling (GBA), Fire Pro D (Dreamcast), 2006 FIFA World Cup (PS2) and playing a few online matches when I can on Smackdown vs. Raw 2006.......I am a wrestling game junkie, I am thinking about picking up an N64 and WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling 1 & 2.

    ...not that I like wrestling. :flex: :blush:
  • Haven't done much console gaming lately but i have been doing a bit of play with Stacked on the PS2 again. Pretty good poker game overall if a bit cluttered on the screen. Ran into some load times mid-game that kinda broke things up a bit too.
  • also, waiting for the next Sim 2 expansion pack. Though haven't even heard ANY details about the next one. Wish they'd get it released [/b]

    Jay the next Sims2 expansion is going to be Sims 2 The Pets. Probably similar to Sims 1 Unleashed. You will have full control of how you customise your pets and as to what thier purpose is in life ie, guard dog etc. There will also be a new area of your neighbourhood to visit which I believe is like a town centre. Should be a good addition to the series and plenty of modding to be done :clap: :punk: :clap:

    Before I forget.... I think the release date is around October this year.
  • Pro Evo 5 on the PS2 :clap: I love my sports games!

    I just can't stop playing it :blink:
  • I figured I ought to post for you all and say that I have finally gathered a new slew of games which I am playing:

    DDR Max
    The Sims 2: University
    (I intend on getting Nightlife and Open for Business when they appear in the Apple store)
    Harvest Moon 64
  • Still down in the dumps slightly about missing out on the PS3 until March next year though :(

  • Been on a 4 for
  • Basically have only been playing DS games lately as the only time ive been getting to game is on my breaks at work so been playing the Sims2 and resident evil DS
  • My main game right now is Test Drive Unlimited on the XBox 360. It's a good game with nice, tight control. Been a few idiots on the roads in it, however, that seem to be content with crashing into anything and everything (the wonders of online gaming :tongue: ).
  • Been a few idiots on the roads in it, however, that seem to be content with crashing into anything and everything

    There's another one on my PS2 too after finally buying Gran Turismo 4. Brilliant game. Been having quite a few races with my daughters.

    Also been playing Neverwinter Nights Diamond edition (PC) I bought earlier in the week. A little dated as far as game go but one of the few decent games I can play online that doesn't suffer with my dial up modem ;) Been cleaving a few skulls online :D
  • Playing the older games for the ps1 like CTR crash bandicoot. I know, its real old but still fun.

    Don't have any thing for the ps2. Just finished the TRLegend game.
    That game was to easy and to short to play. The older tombraider games where more challenging.
  • I got the gun pornfest that is Black the other day and have been trying to lay waste to large portions of eastern Europe for a few hours. Now I would not be what you would call the daddy when it comes to FPS titles but I wouldnt say I was cannonfodder either but this game is hard - the second mission took me nearly 2 and a half hours to complete (tho interuptions from the missus may have taken their toll...). I was playing on Normal and usually this setting is a waltz through a game to prepare for the more intense modes. This is the hardest thing I have played this side of Far Cry, and one of the most pretty too.
  • I've been out of the gaming loop for a while but had a revival the other week. I've started to introduce my daughter to gaming and have been Playing Scooby Doo games and Spungebob Squarepants adventures. Frankly, I enjoy the games as much as her, no sneaking, immortality, not brainbusting puzzles, just recreational gaming and that as a family hobby.

    I've also happened to stumble upon Guitar Hero at a sale and just had to buy it. Great fun and I'm saving up for the sequal. Unfortunatly, for a gamer like me that does most gaming at late nights the game doesn't work that well with the volume turned down. Luckely I am still able to "work" at home and have been endulging in rocking hard during extended lunch breaks.:punk:
  • Haven't had much time for gaming lately, but I have halfway been playing Final Fantasy XII. At least, bit by bit. I just got Captain Basch as a permanent member on my team. So that is thrilling.
  • I've been jumping between some of the virtual console games I've bought on the Wii and Full Auto 2 on the PS3. Just submitted the review for that one and in all likelihood I won't be playing it too much more (that should give an idea on my opinion of it).
  • What am I playing? Me?

    Oh, ok, I am playing Resistance: Fall Of Man, Fight Night: Round 3, GripShift, and the Motorstorm (Demo) for Playstation 3.

    They are all great fun, I've been playing Resistance the most, but I like playing GripShift online with a couple of people, it's entertaining - even if it is a sort of childish game.
  • New for 2007. The boy is engrossed in FF Xii, the girl is working hard on Spyro New Beginning and I've made it through most of God of War. Had family over during Christmas and one of the nieces who got DDR Max last year threw down the gauntlet, stating that she would be "taking me to school". Held my own quite nicely, though the competition is getting tougher.
  • Currently I'm playing Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy and Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.

    Lego Star Wars is an absolute blast! I love the transition to the Lego world. Everything is exactly as it should be, from the Death Star all the way to down to the mouse droids. Everything is built out of Lego.

    I am not that far into The Belkan War yet but it is lives up to the Ace Combat name. The planes are beautiful as ever and the missions are a nice mix so far.
  • At the moment I am playing Lunar: The Silver Star, for sega cd, and then some FFX, I still havent defeated it yet, but i am much anticipating Rogue Galaxy for PS2!
  • Sombulus, is that the game you bought with that special deal at the game store?
  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    Sombulus, is that the game you bought with that special deal at the game store?

    I got a demo for reserving it, i think it comes out this week though. the demo had two parts and both were about ten minutes long.
  • God Hand and COD 3 on PS2. Gears of War on 360.
  • Resistance deathmatches.

    Counterstrike and America's Army on the PC.
  • San Andreas and Two Towers. PS2.

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