• Thought I'd check and see if anyone else in the crew has ever had the luck to be in on a beta test of a console game. This was somewhat brought on by receiving an e-mail letting me know I'm going to be in on the test for the PS2 version of Test Drive Unlimited from Atari (yay me :clap: ). I've played the 360 demo that was on Live (it's quite good) so i'm hoping the PS2 version will be somewhat close in regards to playability.

    I've been in on one other test for the online portion of Ratchet: Deadlocked and was offered to test SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo on the PSP (which i declined due to extreme sucking on squad shooters :blush: ) thanks to being in Sony US's Gamers Advisory Panel (only thing it has been good for to me, none of their contests are valid in Canada).

    Anyhoo, let's hear your experiences with the wild world of beta testing folks!

  • Never done it, I would love to though... not sure how to go about it in Australia at all. Ah well, most likely just a pipe dream for me, lol.

  • Through a friend I got accepted to Beta test games for Atari, however either due to a flaw on their site or my puter I couldn't get the games to upload so I could play test them.
  • Don't think I've ever managed to become a Beta Tester of a game.
    I was down to Beta Test the PC game er Dragon Empires, but er, Codemasters I think, scrapped the game.

    Only other Beta Testing I've done is the Microsoft Windows Live Mail. I was one the upmpteen thousand, or whatever, who got to try it out before it was released properly.

    Edit: Just realised that on my Windows Live Mail account it STILL says Beta, so maybe not everyone's got it yet? :wacko:
  • Will you be able to write about your experience, or do you have to sign a non disclosure agreement first ?

    I for one, would love to read about it.
  • There is a somewhat cover-all nondisclosure agreement there so i wouldn't be able to say too much about it. If i did spill the beans somewhat it would probably get me kicked out of the beta (and out of their forums) along with not being able to take part in future betas. Sorry Jim! :(