• people keep talkin bout rare items help where are they found well bye
  • Spanky, next time, try to be a little more a bit specific for your question, so I don't have to post evrything that I know, Like I did at your thread in Quistis Limit Breaks.
  • Well Squall9999 i think your very good at FF8
    amm.... okay i'll vote your avatar hehehe!
    keep it up! ;)
  • I have found the best place to level up and to get rare items. Those Energy Crystals can be found in the Deep Sea Research Vessel, along with those Star Fragments when you fight those Iron Giants. Oh, don't steal for the energy crystals just win the battle. If you get to the bottom (I stress the word IF) your characters will get a HUGE level up. Don't fight Ultima just head back up for more levels gained!
  • oh common ultima is easy all you do is use lionhart on him and boom as helpless as a kittyy and doomtrain helps too, but I was wandering I want to get the pupo card and have only three elixers no how toget more???
  • you can use the Forbid Med-RF ability to get Elixirs.
    each of these items refines into 4 Elixirs:
  • Thanks a lot my plan is to do 4 things
    1.get all the cards
    2. Beat all the weapons'
    3 get all GF's
    4. beat game
    I have done about 1 and a half and u helped alot
  • well thanks squall9999 i will be a litlle mer specific k well bye