• In roughly 2 1/4 hours the first official preseason NFL game kicks off. We accepted the World Cup threads, but now it's our turn stateside. If you are a fan or follow the NFL please use this thread to convey your allegiance, your heartbreaks, your victories, etc...

    I myself am a Miami Dolphins fan. I've been with them longer than most of you have been alive. I have an autographed Bob Griese picture which was sent to me in 1976 ( I was 10 at the time ). Anyway, go Fins, we will take the AFC East and be playoff contenders. Our first victims are the reigning SuperBowl champion Steelers. With or without Ricky we will be a force to be reckoned with

    PS: I expect to see you in this thread Charger :punk:
  • I'd like to start off by saying the Carolina Panthers own. Their defense is impecable. With a superstar like Julius Peppers in the lineup you can never count them out of the playoffs.
  • QUOTE(jdm1108 @ Aug 6 2006, 04:49 PM) [snapback]67694[/snapback]
    PS: I expect to see you in this thread Charger :punk:[/b]

    You betcha!

    In case anyone didn't know, I am, of course, a San Diego Charger fan. I've followed the Bolts for over 25 years through thick and thin.

    I don't normally give too much weight to preseason. The starters rarely play more than a quarter, often only a few series. I did watch the Chargers play the Packers last night and I was encouraged by what I saw. With the loss of Brees to the Saints, I was curious to see just how Rivers would run the offense. I've got to say I was impressed. Granted, it is the 1st preseason game but he moved the offense.

    The defense looked solid and should continue to be one of the top in the NFL. The secondary, which has been suspect, could be our only real weakness on defense. I did see Jammer doing the same :pooh: he did last season. He tends to pass interfere too much for my taste and has yet to become a shut down corner. Just a pet peeve I have with the guy.

    Overall, I thought they looked crisp with the starters in and I think after the disappointing end of last season, the Chargers are on a mission this year. Look for them to come out firing and with Tomlinson, Gates, McCardell and the arm of Rivers, they might be even more explosive on offense this year. And that run stuffing defense is built for the playoffs. Defensive rookie of the year Merriman should only get better, Jamal Williams is a monster, Edwards is always solid and they drafted some size at corner with Cromartie. I look forward to good things from my Bolts this year.

    Non divisional games of note: Week 5 Pittsburgh - Week 10 Cincinnati - Week 16 Seattle

    Guess you lucked out this season JDM. You won't have to face my Chargers until the playoffs! ;)

  • Whoo-hoo, we got people here, Fins looked good for the starters, scored 10 pts in 5 min !!!!

    Chris, you better watch out for me in the AFC this year, The Chiefs are gonna give ya fits too. The Raiders aren't a threat to ya as I see it. I gotta watch the Bills as I see it.
  • Second preseason game and the Chargers ran into a defense...da Bears. Most of the scoring was done by the defense and special teams, but that was no big surprise. That's how Chicago won last year. Like I said, I don't put a whole lot of stock into preseason.

    Rivers, despite the early pick to Urlacher, showed some promise. Nothing like last week, but I think he'll do fine. That offense will be entirely different once LaDainian is in there and many of those short swing passes will go for big yards once he gets ahold of them.

    1st team defense was solid as usual, holding Chicago scoreless. Special teams looked weak, giving up the run back TD. I still think we have a solid chance to win the AFC West and have an easier schedule than last year. We had the worst schedule by far last season.

    What I'm wondering about is the back up QB job. I mean, Whitehurst or A.J. Feeley?! :huh: I wonder where we got that loser from? :g:

    Going to take a look at the Fins tonight then I'll let you know what I think about your chances, Johnny.
  • Chargers put a beat down on the Raiders last night. :flex: What a way to open the season!

    Shut out the Raiders (at home) for only the second time in history and the first shut out of the Raiders in over 20 years!

    9 sacks by the defense. That's right, 9. Held the Raiders to under 50 yards in the first half and only allowed a little over 100 for the game. Most of them came in a meaningless drive late, when the game was out of reach.

    Rivers played well in his first NFL start and LT had a career high 1st quarter. The Charger defense was relentless. They might have the best front 7 in football. I've never seen the Raiders so thoroughly dominated.

    The rest of the AFC better look out! :flex:
  • Did any of you hear that the NFL has banned Gary Glitters "Rock n Roll part 2" song?

    Gary was convicted of molesting underage girls in vietnam and now his song is being banned from all NFL teams.