What Kind Of Gamer Are You?
  • A bit of an odd thread I know :blink: but all of us love our games and I thought it would be interesting to hear what gaming traits we have. For example, I'm the kind of gamer who buys games, reads, studies the manuals and plays games with an obsession then get board half way through a game and goes onto the next. Most of my games, I have never finished. I bought Rachet and Clank 2 a while ago. Got most of the way through it and then bought Rachet and Clank 3, played a third of that and then thought I should start at the beggining instead and play them in order and bought Rachet and Clank 1 and played about a third of that and went onto another game :wacko: This isn't the same with all games but it's a good example.

    At the moment I'm primarily playing PC games after spending too much on my PC and making sure I get my monies worth. I usually play games only after I put my girls to bed. I don't let the PC /PS2 get in the way of family time . I usually play a couple of hours each night as a rule quite ofter though it can be a lot longer.

    What are your gaming traits??? :g: How often do you play games???
  • I'm a bit similar in respect to starting games and not finishing them.

    It really depends on the games though. I'm a BIG RPG fan and have ALL the Final Fantasy games on the PS and PS2, as well as spin offs Kingdom Hearts and Dragonquest VIII.
    I try my hardest to finish those games because I enjoy them so much. I didn't manage to complete FFVII or VIII but completed FFIX, FFX and FFX-2. Haven't got internet at home so can't get FFXI but definitely getting FFXII when it's FINALLY out, and Dirge of Cerberus etc...

    I also enjoy my FIFA games. They're great because you can have a couple of matches every now and then and not have to COMPLETE it, like most games, because it just keeps going. Same goes for my Smackdown! games, you can play a few matches then go away.

    So basically, I'm a keen player but I don't play as often as I used to. I usually play a brand new game for quite a while then leave it and sometimes go back to it later, but not always.

  • Hmm, I guess I could describe some features that I display as a gamer.

    First of all.
    I am easily addicted. I mean I will actually neglect feeding my children if it came to that. Luckely I'm rather strict about only gaming when home alone or after everyone has gone to bed. I know I am not as bad off as some people get and I do moderate my addiction quite well (always in bed prior to 3 AM :D ) but my partner still can get very annoyed at me from time to time. Got stuck in the arcade this last weekend as an example.

    I like doing things thoroughly. That's why I have some trouble with games that doesn't have very clear boundries between sidequests and the actual gameplay.

    Examples. In GTA San Andreas you can do some grafitti and some other stuff to gain extra things. If you don't it will not effect the story and no one keeps nagging on you to do them, right.

    In Dark Cloud 2 you had the Camera thing were you could take pictures and make new stuff and every once in a while someone would give you a clue for a combination. That I can't handle. I'll start making lists of my inventory and try all sorts of combinations, and naturally nothing works and then I forget all about the real quest and run around the whole game trying to take pictures of stuff and finally I go on-line to find alist of all stuff you can make and they are never complete plus you find out that you actually missed an unique photo-op in chapter 2 that will never come again and so you have to start the game all over...

    The latter kind I seldom finish. I think I have about 3 notebooks full of maps and combination charts for all sorts of games. Can still remember that horrible choboco treasure hunt from FFIX.

    I am not one of those who spend hours on learning specific button combos for Tekken, I'm more of a basher.
    I am not one of those who try to jump the same abyss 60 times in a row before throwing the controller in the wall, cursing the game. I'm more of an alternative options searcher.

    I am one of those persons who will save just outside the casino, wager all I got on the highest odds and restart if I loose.

    I am not that kind of gamer that twitches and tilts and jumps along with the game.

    I am one of those gamers that actually think that there is more than a hollow space under the skirt of the feamle characters in the game, and will occationally go through complext manouvers just to get a glimps.

    I am not one of those gamers that shoot 30 extra rounds into the dead body of an enemy just cause he killed me the last time I met him.

    That's about all I could think of.

  • Hmm. Interesting thread you have here Digger.

    Let's see, what kind of gaming traits do I have.

    I am a gamer who loves drama. I care not about the fighting really. I play RPGs for drama and will fight if I have to with my only motivation being that I see more drama.
    An example of this would be the Opera House in Final Fantasy III/VI. I didn't like fighting in there..but I blew through it only to see what happens with Setzer and Maria's imposter, Celes.

    I am a gamer who will not twitch or turn with the game, though I will stand up if I'm getting really anxious. For example, last night I was playing Star Fox 64 and was really really close to getting a medal on Area 6...and was concentrating on not killing my other characters in order to recieve it. So I stood up while battling the boss...and stood up the whole time I was battling the boss.

    I've also done this whenever I'm battling a boss which I think I have a slim chance of winning.
    For example, first time I beat FFVII I was only at level 49...so I was standing when I was battling the final bad guy and when I beat him I jumped up and down.

    I am a gamer who likes to do everything thoroughly, but has no patience to do everything over again. Example of this would be me using the Cheat Guide the whole time with FFIX because I had a blasted hard time with the game prior to using it.

    I am a girl gamer. What's so great about this exactly? I don't mind asking for directions!!
    Whenever I am puzzled on where to go, or where something is located I have no problem coming to websites and seeing where it is...or asking someone else. My last question was about locating the phone in HM.

    I am a gamer who will throw the controller on the ground if I feel frustrated and am too lazy to turn the game off.

    I am a gamer who takes great entertainment out of little nicknacks.
    My example of this would be Glover for 64. The bird on the swing whom clucks, crows, farts, hiccups and swings all at once is one thing I sat and watched for an hour if it kept me laughing that long.

    I am a gamer who doesn't care for getting 100% as long as I defeat the main boss.
    I save battling the main boss for last as it should be and try my hardest to grab everything along the way, but if I don't then oh well. It doesn't bother me too much. Sure I don't get bragging rights, but I have other games which I brag about.

    I am a gamer whom will shut off a game if I am defeated several times and let it gather dust for a year or so before trying a boss again.
    Example of this would be Chrono Cross and Legend of Dragoon more than anything. I still have yet to defeat those two bosses. It's been sooooo long. Maybe I'll try again in a few days.

    That is all I could think up for right now. I'll certainly post more on this later. :laugh:
  • I will not throw my controller, never have, never will. I am a thorough searcher, I hate missing things. I am sniper or use calculated tactics, I don't storm a room guns blazing. I will not attempt the same maneuver 100 times, if I don't get it the first few tries then there has to be a better way.

  • I'm the worst type of gamer. When I'm playing you'd best give me a 25 foot bubble of space. I don't get the time to play I'd like, but when I'm hooked up leave me the H*ll alone !!!!! There is nothing more irritating than the wife saying " can you go check the mailbox" when I'm fighting a boss character and she's simply playing POGO games. When I game I'm in all the way, distractions tick me off something severe.

    As for finishing my games, I usually don't. I have around 90 PS2 titles and except for 2 none are done 100%. Most are around 75-90% done, but after the initial groove rusts and a new game comes out I move on. I will ( theoretically ) finish them eventually, but I do tend to loose interest quickly.

    Also my time frame is limited so I hate trying to go back into a game I'm stuck on when I only have 1 hour to work on it. Seems like beating a dead horse to me.
  • At the age of 66, I have played quite a few games, my favourite being R.P.G's
    I have completed all the Final Fantasy games up to number 10, which I must admit I cannot finish
    because I hate Blitzball.
    I am not fast enough to play the Simon game in Final Fantasy X-2, so that is not complete and never will be.
    At the moment I am playing ' Shadow of the Colossus.'
    I am playing it the 3rd time in Hard Mode, having played in Normal Time Attack Mode.
    Whether I shall be able to finish the game is still a question, but I shall give it my best, because I hate not to see the end of a game.
    If I do not succeed, then I shall have to call on my grandson.
    I usuall get, "Whats for tea" in the middle of a boss fight or at the moment in Hard Time Attack Mode.
  • ohh man thats hard i'd call myself "the confused gamer" type

    some games i can play for hours and hours non stop and never want to quit cuz im having fun(mainly rpg's because of all the side quests and character leveling and all that i spent over 100 hours training my party on FFVII and another almost 80 hours doing side quests like chocobo training/racing and then the standard like 40 hours of plot devolopment ) and then with action adventure games i play them most of the way thru then set it down for a while and allways forget to come back and then forget where i am in the game and get flustered and not play anymore even though i realy want to. i dont play sports or racing games realy at all. i also get pi*sed off real bad at action adventure games on those stages where you have to do it just right or it doesn't work (the bonus stages on god of war set me off to the point my girlfriend wouldnt talk to me for the better part of the next day because i was pis*ed at the game so bad i also spent 7 hours figuring out the exact way to do it) and as for first person shooters i love to snipe or go in rambo style and blow em all away nothing in the middle no being coutious.
  • Rex77 said:
    I will not attempt the same maneuver 100 times, if I don't get it the first few tries then there has to be a better way.

    hehe, I will. :bag: but that's neither here nor there. I am the sort of gamer to get way into the rpg characters and i can spend several months just playing the game... I hardly ever beat games i start because i will loose interest very quickly. Example: FFX, I've got about 200 hours on there and i'm STILL not past the airship b/c i hated fighting and didn't lvl my character up enough. I'm currently playing okami and loving it (not quite sure what genre it would fall under) I also love my pc games. most of my gaming time is devoted to lvl my character up in WoW. However i encounter the same problem as in other rpg's, I spend more time socializing than lvling. =P I do not like turnbase style fighting because it is too slow for me and it becomes too unreal. I am always afraid of missing an oportunity but sometimes i get lazy and will miss a unique oportunity.
  • When I was very young I was pretty impatient and was pretty hard on the controllers. Have since learned patience. Also used to have to have the newest stuff right now. Now have a mortgage and four mouths to feed so brand new things are few and far between. When I do buy used stuff I only deal with game stores rather than pawn shops. I hate the idea that a good deal I may get may be at some one elses loss (the used stuff at the stores I go to are mostly old rental games). I don't mind RPGs but get tired of the incessant battling and level building. Whenever we get a new game we always sit through the video stuff, and whenever we play Katamari Damacy we watch it every time (catchy tune). I also have to watch my grumpiness when my 12 year old kicks my backside in something(darn those youthful reflexes). We love the D&D type games (Baldur's Gate and Norrath) and the GT series. Also like the Ace Combat series and have played all the Tomb Raider games to death. Bought the kids a Harvest Moon game but man, that one is way too much work! We still warm up the old Sega Genesis system occasionally too.
  • I'd like to join the party!

    I have read the replies above and found them very amusing. I wish I could say I was a ravenous player like others but I am not. My first experience of games was with The Simpsons Hit & Run - I loved it. Took me a long while to get used to coordinating my fingers around the pad, controlling the steering of the different vehicles etc...... it was hard work but I made it to the end and have since clocked it several time. Playing that game I would say I was calm, cool and collective, never gave up until I saw dawn or was satisfied that I could beat the task the next day!!

    The next was Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer, which I totally adored, spent a hours and hours of waking moments playing this game. Kept my cool and stayed up late constantly. It was a calming experience.

    Finally, Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex - I hate it but wouldn't put it down until now that is. It has turned me into demon woman. I shout at the screen, I form a fist wanting to strangle Crash for dropping, jumping, sliding, belly flopping, spinning and running when he shouldn't. Nothing is my fault!! So I could say for this game I am evil personify. No one can call me on the phone. I answer abruptly and chase them off the phone. Can you imagine how many times I have had to apologise to people in this past couple of months? I am a changed woman......... and not for the better because of this game.

    When a task is started I have to finish it no matter how long it takes. Crash has changed that - it can stay unfinished. I am sure the ending will be a disappointment. I shall wait for a 5 year old to visit and finish it for me!!

    There is only one game for me now and that will be the next Spyro adventure.

    There you have it in a nut shell.

  • I'm the sort that will happily leave a game alone for months or years if I get stuck and come back to it later. I did this will Jak 2. I got stuck and left it for about a year, then when I came back to it I completed the game 10 minutes later. Satisfied that i'd now finished Jak 2 I went and bought Jak 3. Exactly the same thing happened :) . Having finished the Jak & Daxter series I moved on to Ratchet & Clank (obviously) got stuck on 1 and left it a couple of months. Came back and completed it. Now i'm about 3/4 of the way through 2 and stuck again. I expect to finish it in the new year :D . Then i've already got R&C 3 sat ready to go ... yay!

    Back in the day though there were two games that used to get me wound up - Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Speedball 2, both on the Amiga. Playing against my mate Sean, we managed to break 5 joysticks in one day for those games. They got launched across rooms, snapped in frustration and one even ended up in a pint of orange juice! Good job we had a few spare or we'd have had it!