Poll Time: What Will You Spend Your Ps3 Money On Now?
  • Ok, folks- now that we've heard the bad news regarding how few units there wil be I'm thinking some are planning on looking elsewhere to put the cash. Then again, some might be willing to wait it out and set that money aside to get the PS3 later on. So, let's hear it- where is your PS3 cash headed?

    For me it's going to be the Nintendo Wii and games. I had planned to get both so the PS3 will just be bumped back a bit in the purchase plans.
  • Since my mac is going to get revived I have to say that's where my money is gonna go towards. I can get a lot done on my Mac for school so upgrading my baby would be awesome. That's where I hear it could be headed.

    Not really sure what I'll spend my money on though. Only time will tell. Maybe I'll wait the release out. :clap:
  • I dont think we planned to get it straight away (at least if we did tiff didnt tell me!!) So the money we were gonna save up towards it will be spent on the honeymoon and we will get one later in the year.
  • I was 2/3 of the way there saving for the 60GB model (I want that wireless network thingumy) and the love of my life had to go visit a unwell relative so my
  • Sony had better give us Europeans a FREE HDMI cable to make up for all this mess they've made. :boxing: [/i]

  • Lol, I didnt have any money in the first place, so I selected "other" but I did by a new $1200 computer. It only has a generic onboard Intel graphics card though. So with about $200 or so I can turn it into a high end gamer. That might be the go for me. GTA Vice City Stories is looking ok and there are a few other games on the horizion that I am liking.

    So there we go.
  • Well I wasn't saving up for a PS3, but I can think of what I'd do with the money if I had.
    Put all of it down on a deposit on a PS3 anyway :huh:

    I mean, if you put down a fully paid (or close enough) deposit on the machine in a shop on a busy street (you know, a GAME or something that sees a lot of business, and has a decent amount of games), and are there on launch day.... you're gonna get one, regardless of how few your country is rumoured to get.

    I worked in a game shop for a long time, and I can say that if you just act friendly to the staff (say, ring them up the day before release, and tell them you'll definatly pick up your PS3 on the day), the wont sell your PS3 to someone else.

    I mean
  • I went for the PC upgrade. Well a graphics card upgrade that is. Looking at buying a Nividia 7600GT when my tax return comes in. Only problem is I haven't started my tax return yet :bag:

    Reading some of the threads regarding the release of the PS3 doesn't do much to wet my appitite to buy one. My old tele wouldn't do the PS3 justice and there's no chance of me forking out money on a high end tele. Still enjoying the PS2 and my new PC although mainly my PC. Will however be finally buying Grand Turismo 4 for the PS2 later this week. Can't beat the big box for mulitplayer car racing with my daughters :punk:

  • Seeing as how there won't be very many consoles on the launch date I doubt I'll get one. I'll still try but I'm not getting my hopes up. I really haven't been saving for one probably just put it on my Mastercard. Hopefully the wife would still let me live here. :(
  • I voted other. My money is going into fixing my laptop :(

    with the launch date knocked back I know that what money I had for it will be going straight towards the wedding.

    We've bought a laptop & the PC is OK spec for now so no need to splash cash for that. The Nintendo Wii is about 75% possible at the moment. Christmas is well off the cards due to the wedding (& new work commitments)

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