Predict The Next Ps3 Disaster
  • OK let's have a little fun in amongst all of to days doom and gloom surrounding the PlayStation 3.

    Get your crystal ball out and predict what will be the next disaster to happen before the PS3 launch date in the USA.

    here is my prediction...

    When Sony start to make the master disks for the few games at launch that need to be on the Blu Ray disks (the ones that hold 5 times as much as a DVD) they will hit huge problems with either the reliability of the disks, or them just not duplicating properly. The result will be a huge shortage of disks for those games for those lucky few people who do get a console and decide not to sell it for $1000 on eBay
  • The cargo ship bringing the initial launch units of the PlayStation 3 will find itself caught in a freak storm in the middle of the Pacific and sink, leaving the only PS3's available in the world to be the 100,000 alloted to Japan this November.
  • I would say Lyndons is more plausable than Jims - not selling for $1000 on ebay, its just not going to happen :devilish:

    The most likely thing is that the blue laser will burn a hole in the chassis of the PS3 and each of those poor buggers who bought one on launch day will be forced to sell it to the local disco as all its good for is adding light effects and not playing games :crybaby:
  • Oh right, it will also happen when people try to play DVDs or Audio CDs.

  • :bash: well it seems the worst disaster possable for sony is already occuring.For a major player in the console wars too suffer setbacks in launching the ps3 cant bode well for them finacialy.we the loyale playstation diehards have waited and continue too wait,this is frustrationg for us and irritating when they announce yet another delay.they create the demand and then cant meet supply so too suggest them reaching 1000 dollars on e-bay seems more than a likleyhood and a 1000 might be a steal when alls said and done.lets for a moment talk briefly about "converts"those of us(myself ashamedly included)who broke down and couldnt wait for the ps3's release and who went out and baught an......x-box 360 there i said it.i have to admit some of the titles are highly enjoyable but im still waiting for that ship to roll in carrying a plethera of shinny new ps3's.but in the year or so since the 360's release just think about what that jump on the market meant for microsoft the disaster is sony's inability to deliver their product on time and functional.if im a software desinger and sony has the rights to my game id be upset those with cross platform titles didnt suffer so much by being able to still release on the sony sony what are we too do us devoted loyalists caught in your web delays and missmanagement.clay4872
  • Oh, this will be fun... let me guess...

    Oh, I got one...

    3 hours 46 minutes and 12 seconds before the launch, rebel gamer-hater ninjas will swoop in and steal every single console and game disc and take them to a hidden fortress where they will play them endlessly for months.

    Eventually the CIA will find them and blow the fortress apart destroying all the consoles and games. Oh... they also stole ALL the plans, and ALL the machines needed to make the consoles and games and nooone remembered to back up the files. Yep, thats it.
  • Sony are so upset that they have angered all of their loyal API customers that they give them ALL a free PS3 on launch day!!!

    And they pay for me wedding too!!!
  • In a surprised swing, Sony Agrees to Microsoft producing games for there PS3 console. On gaming release, when the player has spent 6 hours, 6 minutes & 6 seconds of gaming time they get the famous Microsoft BLUE SCREEN OF DOOM.

    The guy who mixes the plastic for the injection moulds for the PS3 comes in one day with a stinking hangover & starts producing rainbow brite coloured PS3!!
  • It's unfortunate for those in the European market that they will have to wait a few months more. Don't worry, millions here will be waiting too. I doubt the back@$$wards po'dunk town I live in will even see one PS3 for at least 6 months. Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with my PS2 and I'll continue to enjoy it until the PS3 becomes available.

    As for my goofy disaster prediction... Unusual solar activity, which happens once every million years, causes rolling blackouts across the planet. Due to the shortage of electricity, only 50,000 consoles are produced. One week before the scheduled shipment, a massive earthquake swallows up Sony's distribution center. Although 1,000 of the consoles were rescued from the wreckage, half are destroyed by a freak meteorite that hits the truck they are being transported in. The remaining 500 are shipped air freight but a lightning bolt strikes an engine and the plane crashes into the ocean. Miraculously, two PS3 consoles survive and are plucked from the ocean by pirate treasure hunters. They sell the two consoles to the highest bidders... One goes to Osama bin Laden, who blows it up in an Al-Qaeda propaganda film and the other one goes to Bill Gates. :blink:
  • ######, Charger I am heading down to the bookies to put a
  • My prediction is... Due to high worker morale working lots of overtime, refusing overtime pay and extreme ease of assembly there are far more consoles than expected. Sony being the generous company that it is cuts the price by 75% and includes an extra controller with every console.

    Having a hard time competing with this Microsoft and Nintendo sell their rights to their consoles to Disney who use them for sub-par games based only on their movies.

    Happy days for Sony!!!!

  • Tell you what Rex, if that happened, I think the majority of games players would suffer a heart attack in disbelief.

    Yeah, I'll agree with Rex and add this extra bit:

    Upon hearing that there are waaay more PS3's than anyone could've EVER imagined, the majority of the worlds population suffer heart attacks and strokes. Sony are suddenly STUCK with hundreds, possibly even thousands, of consoles with nobody to buy them. What do they do? Sell them as expensive Mug and Cup holders.
    So all the grannies around the world buy PS3's just so they have somewhere to put their cups of tea. They use the PS3's disc tray ONLY for placing their cup of tea, and thus the next generation of coffee and tea Mug/Cup holders is born :devilish:
  • My prediction:

    I manage to get hold of one of the first PS3's to enter the country through devious and possibly nefarious means. For some reason I immediately seem to get hit with an unshakeable illness that leaves me perfectly well in every respect except for the fact that i am placed on permanent sick leave at full pay for the rest of my life.

    Sony shares go through the roof due to the expected sales for all new PS3 games generated by the new revenue classification "Games Kernmist Will Buy"...
  • Heh. Two weeks later and i've just realised mine isn't really a disaster. At least, not for me it isn't :)