• When playing the tag team matches, how the hell do u tag in ur partner? I have no idea how?

  • I don't know if it does because i haven't got this game but are the standard moves not in the game manuel or in the control configuration which i think will be in the game options section. just an idea since i have not got this game :)
  • Here is how i do it. you must get into your corner, then let your opponet slam you then you tag partner will stick his hand out get up and press X to punch and make it hit your partners hand. That is how you do it, but keep in mind you have to be quick about it so your opponet does not attack you again.

    EDIT: sorry i did not see the link, just trying to help. Try the other way it sounds like it will work a lot better than my method.
  • Or you could just goto your tag partner and press R1 and towards tag partner