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  • What's the story behind your mask?

    I've seen quite a few interesting names around here and was wondering what made some of you folks write that in the Username box?

    My username (RedKennypup2004) actually has a long story to it, but I wanna hear some of your stories first!

    Tell me!!:)
  • Well this on is my name lol!! But originally i was oddish182000 (as is email etc). I was originally called this by a friends younger brother i think. Something to do with me being a little bit odd and him liking pokemon odd-ish

    The 182000 bit was the year i registered on here and was 18 at the time.
  • Same as Jane. My current one is just my name because of the staff naming thing.
    However, the name I originally registered with was Jay290783. That's just Jay short for Jason (my first name obviously) and my d.o.b 29 July 1983 (or July 29 1983 as it is in America). Never could understand why America chose to do Month first THEN Day as opposed to other way round. Weird :confused:
  • Getting old and unimaginative. Just used my name. Just a meat and potatos kind of guy. Still can beat my kids at DDR Max though. Probably not for long.
  • I just made it a habit of using my own name when on forums. I can't be bothered with using names like "PS2Mastr94657836". Looks just plain ol' silly to me. On some other sites i do happen to add an "ap" onto my name (for Absolute PlayStation of course ;) ).
  • I chose Rex77 simply because I have always liked the name Rex, I wanted to name our son Rex but she would not have any part of it. The 77 is not the year I was born (1975) but just a number I like.
  • Messenger I used because it is a reminder of who I am to my Father.

    Freak I used because it is a reminder of who I am labelled as by the world.
  • Yeah, so basically I'm Kris with a 'K' instead of the more common 'CH'. So Castle becomes Kastle. But on the PSN, plain ole kastle was already taken, so I added the 26 to the end because it's me and my wife's anniversary.
  • Messenger, your avatar is pretty sweet.

    Well my username before Mike C Staff was SpeedDemon.

    I don't really know how I came up with it, but when I joined I was really into gran turismo and somehow came up with SpeedDemon.
  • My username??

    Geeze...isn't it obvious.

    Actually no, it isn't.....or shouldn't be. Those that have known me for a while here know that, although I can indeed be quit blunt and an avid opponent of Political Correctness, I am nowhere like what one would think I am if judged on my user-name alone.

    I am a jokester and like to give people a rash of sh!t (in a joking way), and I was looking for a user name that reflected a "Uh oh" feel to it...and what better a name than Lucifer.

    Also, the user name I use here is one that I always had on AP...and this is the only site in which I still use it. But, when I rediscovered AP, there was no way to change the user name and maintain many of my older posts/post associations.

    For those of you who ever see me on other sites or online, my user/player name is WadeVC (my real name & middle and last name initial).

    So there you go. I hate to spoil any members hopes of my saying I like to sacrifice goats and conjure up evil spirits.

  • Mine was quite simple I come from the steel city (Sheffield) and I'm allways on the net surfing so that's how I came up with it.

    Ps it's good to be back on,not been on for a while.
  • Well at the time my favorite game was Red Dead Revolver, and I was on the level with General Diego so I just put together the names to come up with General Red.
    And sufer let me be the first to say welcome back.
  • Thanks red for the welcome :D
  • Welcome back Steel!!

    BTW, I absolutely love your avitar...makes me laugh with that big-ol' goofy grin!! :p
  • My REAL name is Babacar Mbaye. I just made my username B.I.G because I am a fan of the rapper Big Papa.
  • YAY!!! I am Lucifer no more!

    I used to like the name many years ago, but I was no longer fond of it, but got used to it here.

    But now I am using my real name, so nothing too creative as far as that goes...but I LIKE IT!!!

    :) :)
  • The d is the first letter of my name, mad is the 3 letters I spent most of my teenage years putting on arcade machines, man is what I have become or at least what the courts would try me as and 72 is the year I was born.
  • I wanted to use something with The Rock when I joined the WWE universe and ever since then this has been my username for everything that needs a username.

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