most hated track: gt2
  • what is your most hated track? personally i cringe when is see my self on laguna seca its the small jump and tight downhill S turn that i just can't seem to master. i either brake too soon or too late and hit the wall.

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  • Easy peasy... Laguna Seca!! That 'S' turn is hell!! I seem to do the same as you Rex!! And then that sharp turn just before the end!!

    Although i'm told it's the track of champions or something and true GT gamers love it..... mad......
  • Grand Valley Speedway because its boring ...

    Yep Fluff! the Corkscrew IS the challenge, never boring.

    Rex release accelerator on 'second' climb , then only brake in a straight line, when steering in to the left corner smoothly hit the accelerator, release, steer right and accelerate again into the next left corner .... have fun ! :biggrin:
  • [b]Laguna Seca - sweet ;)

    squanto - Grand Valley Speedway is the perfect testing ground for new car settings.
  • I always use Red Rock Vallley for that purpose, together with Apricot Hill.
    THe first one for high speed cornering and drifting in those corners, also good for downforce settings.
    Apricot hill has the flat highspeed corners to give the right touch for suspensionsettings... camber ride height etc... ;)
  • Right, I hate Autumn Ring Mini. Too small for powerful cars. For that 'S turn', release the accelarator when you get to that overheard sign, when you get to the turn, just tap the brake and glide through it. Easy.
  • hello...yeah laguna is not the best but autum ring sucks as well....midfield and apricot hill are the best
  • Hey fluff!

    That was me who said Laguna was the track of champions!!! ;) I love that circuit & I've mastered it with the Viper GTS R. I'm usually taking the last bend before the climb to the "S" bent at about 200-220Kmph & I'm flat out all the way up to the crest of the hill. Staying in the middle of the track & completely straight. Lock up the wheels & then floor it throught the bends when your at about 80k......sweet man..... I can't be touched. It's my killer circuit.....

    I think Rome is the best though but my least favorite would have to be.... well I don't really have a least favorite..... oh well Autumn Mini ring... too ###### small!!! ;)
  • [b] Ahhhhh so it was you BarOChoc ;)

    I agree on Rome aswell, it was the first track which i can actually say i mastered! I was always guarenteed of winning with it, Tahitti Road is also a favourite of mine.
  • Tahiti Road really bugs me. There's no slowdown when you go on the grass. I'm always thinking "Don't go on the grass, I'll lose the race", and my friend just drives on the grass and beats me.
  • My hardest Track, but one of my favorite to race has to be .............You guessed it, Lagna Seca.
  • [b]Guy's have you ever watched racing Cars & Bikes on Laguna Seca????

    I was watching the World SuperBike Championships this morning in Laguna Seca.

    It's such a fine circuit. You'd want to see the bikes comming through that notorious "S" Chicane.


    I will drive there some day even if I have to do it on a moped!!!!! :biggrin:
  • Ive seen cars and i have to say it was as BarOChoc says sweeeeeeeet! Though most any race that ive ever seen was awsome. I absolutly hate the Pikes pike uphill climb. its so hard and you have to race an escudo. I beat it once.
  • I absolutely cannot stand Autumn Ring Mini. You cant go very fast and right when you do(if you do) you have to slam the breaks and will probably drive out into the dirt.
  • the track i really hate is Tahitti Road. the graphics on it look really crap or is that just me?
  • Gridewald is the worst no only one real straight a slow track laguna is the best by far
  • How could you people say that laguna seca is the haredest? im with barochoc. ive mastered that s turn and the rest of the track. the only time ill mess up is when im racing a new car that i dont have much experience with.
  • Grand Valley Speedway is awful its boring but Thaiti road is
  • Although i dont like Autumn Ring Mini ill have to say im still pretty good at it. I dont like because you cant just lay the pedal on the floor like you can on most other races.
  • I hate the Rome Long Course because it just seems too boring and too easy because there is no run off area, like real life Monaco. There are too mant tight corners which are hard and not any fun, unlike the Laguna Seca Corkscrew turn. By the way, does anybody know how to negociate the last corner in Laguna Seca without braking to 30kp/h, because more than once, I have lost the race due to the last corner:)
  • My favorite stage is R11 and Laguna Seca, Hard turns are the things that get me hyped. Speed isnt the deel for me. I really hate Red Rock Valley
  • Seattle Long Course is my favourite(so many long straights leading into a sharp turn,&#36w
  • Definetly Laguna Seca
  • Personally i don't really like deep forest in GT2, because you cant see where the track ends and where the wall starts, so i always end up hitting the invisible walls. Thank god that it was fixed for GT3, so now it is much better(and in high res to!)
  • Yeah....Laguna Seca is pretty bad.
  • I think Leguna Seca really sucks! That hill is extremely frustrating. Especially with a rear-wheel drive. Accelarate... Brake a little.... Over the jump..... Into the wall..... Spin out.... Get passed..... Lose race..... It's the same story every time. Oh well I traded that game anyway. :D
  • Auntum ring sucks man
  • [b]Automn ring does suck.
  • Laguna Seca is the most horible evil track ever on GT2


    "be still thy beating heart" :2devilish:
  • Laguna Seca... I hate it...Well maybe sometimes...
  • there is not really a track i hate or find hard, but laguna seca bugs me with that damn "s" bend while going down hill, even though i can magae it at 164km.

    Also rome city long course, boring as poo!!!

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