Online W/ps2 Slim?
  • I have a wireless network adapter hooked up to the PS2 (slim) I lost my original online setup CD but used the SOCOM II Navy Seals to create network config. every time it goes to test the settings it gives the error message "timed out". Any one know how to fix?
  • youwish, welcome to Absolute PlayStation

    It sounds like you have not correctly configured your network connection, or the network config file on your memory card is corrupted.

    If you have another memory card try to set up another network configuration on that one.

    Are you sure you put all of the correct settings into the config ?

    Setup overview:

    Select Add Setting to create a new network setting
    Select Modem or Ethernet for your connection type
    Enter the User ID and Password (modem only)
    Enter telephone number(s) (modem only)
    Enter User ID and Password if required (ethernet only)
    IP Address setup; choose manual or auto (ethernet only)
    DNS server address set up Automatically or Manual
    Enter your DNS server address (contact your ISP if you need your DNS server address)
    Name the setting
    Save setting
    Test the connection

    Have you changed anything since you last were able to connect to the network... like your ISP (internet provider) ?

    (response time 1 hr 5mins)
  • i don't know if this is the right place to ask this but is it possible to get your used playstation 2 online number back (the one which is on the sticker on the online guidebook which came with the ps2) because i used the number to get online with my psp which was a big mistake. i would like to use it to get to online with the ps2. my friend told me that there is a way to get the number back to use so can someone help me please. i really need to play ps2 online instead of psp.
  • You would need to contact Sony's tech help directly on that one, ratchet. They would be able to get things reset/ give you a new number.
  • ok so where can i contact them
  • 08702 422 299 - normal calling rates apply.
  • I have been doing all the steps to get online on my ps2 and it loads to the last second and out of nowere it fails... How do i sto it from failing all the time
    p.s. get all your laughs out now, yes i still have a ps2
    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  • You may need to just do some tweaking of your router settings such as port forwarding and double check the DNS servers listed there. You'll see the ports needed in the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread at the top of the PS3Hardware and Accessory section of the forums (both consoles use the same ports) and it's always a god idea to enter the DNS numbers manually into the PS2's network settings.