Destory All Humans 2 help me with this
  • Hello,

    Does anyone know any cheats for All weapons, Health :confused:

  • I couldn't find any cheats for all weapon or maxin out health but these might be helpful:


    To make the bullets bounce off you do this:

    Pause game. Hold down L2.
    Then press: Square : Circle : Left : Left : Circle :Square

    If you use the same cheat code on board the mothership the cheat makes all upgrades for your unlocked weapons available at Pox's Laboratory


    I'll keep a lookout for you though. Check the cheat section
    ever now and then for new cheats and hints. Or if you find one on your own, feel free to enter it.;)
  • What hunting around I did for cheats on this game has come up empty- either there just aren't any built in other than that bit Magnus posted or there aren't that many playing the game looking for them.
  • those cheats are for destroy all humans 1, so are all the cheats here for destroy all humans 2 really for destroy all humans 1