crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex
  • hi i need 2 find out how do u defeat the second and third boss is there a cheat?:confused: :confused: :confused: ;) need cheat on ps2
  • Now the second boss would be Wa-Wa, correct?
    Wa-Wa transforms Crunch into a big watery thing. As Crunch jumps from platform to platform. Now what you gotta do is duck and jump while you chase Cruch. When you reach him spin attack him.

    You'll have to keep the phase up and just keep jumping when you hit him.
    The last round I think pillars will start dropping as well so keep a look out for that.

    The third boss is Py-Ro.
    I don't know how well you do, but basically first you have to run away from Crunch (who has been turned into a lava monster by Py-Ro), dodging his fireballs.

    When you get to the end of the path you'll find a gigantic robot/mecha suit that you will use to get back at your enemies.

    To defeat Py-Ro you must remember to charge the water cannon (hold down the button) or you will never be able to hit him.

    I hope that helps somewhat. Other than that I'm afraid that it takes some skill or luck to beat the bosses. Just keep trying and you'll get there eventually. And that will be a sweet sweet day I'm sure.:)
  • If any one needs a cheat code make your name wombat and the game will be complete!