tomb raider legend
  • hi... iam stuck in russian stage where lara is inside a big room with laser kind of thing in the middle nd her old friend which turned in to something is in the controll room nd she released a monster on lara. Now can u tell me how to get out of this room... plz let me know....:(
  • The laser thing in the middle would be the Tesla gun. It shoots electisity and is the tool you need to use to complete the stage.

    But the first thing you have to do is use the levers on the wall between the orbs. Everytime you pull a lever a hook will catch a big orb above the gun. Hook up all 4 orbs. The big orbs will drop a bit and reveal the swod fragment you seek.

    Now you need to use the tesla gun.
    The goal is to get the orbs above the gun to the ones on the wall.
    To push an orb shoot a couple of bursts at it (don't depress and hold the button, tap it). When you get an orb to the electric orb on the wall a blue energy field will appear on both sides. You need to push all 4 orbs in position at the same time. When you manage that the shield protecting the sword fragment will deactivate so that you can get to it.

    Jump off the gun and use Grapple to snatch the Sword fragment. You will have to tilt the view upwards and face it in order to reach it.

    While doing this you will have to fend off the beast. You can't kill it so don't bother. Shoot it with the Tesla gun is it gets in the way.

    Hope that helps.
    Good Luck
  • very thanx for the reply .......... ;)