Wanna play?
  • Hey guys,
    My name is Ben and im new to this here forum. I have a PS2 for a couple of years and have just found out that the telephone connection in my room works and so I can play Netplay which im really enjoying.

    Anyone wanna play PS2 Netplay on one of these games:

    Socom 1
    Call of Duty: The Big Red One
    Need for Speed Underground 2
    Star Wars Battlefront

    If your up for it say so!
  • Kozine

    Firstly, welcome to Absolute Playstation and to our Community.
    There are those around here that would love to line up beside you on the battle field. Just give us your gamer tags and where to find you and I am sure that you will soon have some competition.

    I no longer go online as my network adaptor is toast and since I use the fatboy PS2, I have no wish to go looking for an adaptor that they dont make any more and then paying £50 to get an occasional wireless adaptor. However, come next spring time and I get my hands on the 60 GB PS3 it will be back to the Front!!
  • Welcome to the forums!!

    Im sure there are folks on here would love to play online. I cant wait till we can on the PS3!!!!!!
  • Ur gunna hate me but im getting an Xbox 360 not a PS3. As im 13, my parents say buy your own gaming equipment. Therefore, the 360 is the option for me as its slighty cheaper and the graphics are easly up to par with the PS3.

    My gaming tag on Socom: kozine

    Not sure what my actualy gaming tag is so tell me how to find out please :)

    Im looking into buying Socom 3 for PS2 on Ebay. Would you say its worth getting? Theres only ever about 6 people on Socom netplay when I go on :(
  • Nothing wrong with getting what you can afford, aslong as you are gettin' your game on, we will still like ya....:D

    As for online, I have not played online in awhile...:(