Happy Thanksgiving
  • Happy Turkey day for all of those who are in the states. Im getting ready to feast in about a half hour and I am very excited.

    What are some of the things you guys are thankful for?? (Including those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving)

    Heres mine:

    1. Jim B (Thanks for all your hard work)
    2. My Job (very stressful, but I make good money)
    3. My Brothers (These guys in my frat are my best friends and will be for the rest of my life. We just increased our size from 8 brothers to 20, yay go us!)
    4. My other friends (I have a lot of really good friends at the gym who help motivate me and answer the 8 million questions I ask all the time)
    5. My Family (Love them to death)
    6. My Health (Im a gym rat and obssesed with my health and physique)
    7. All the members and staff of APi (Been my other family for 5 + years)
    8. Im thankful for a lot of other things, but my list would go on forever
  • 1. Tiff - for loving me enough to marry me
    2. To all my friends and family - real ones and cyber ones
    3. My work - i love my job!! And i just checked my bank account and my heart stopped when i realised what i had been paid!!
    4. My car Jack - For costing me a fortune this year but always getting me from A to B
    5. Everyone i work with for not claw hammering my head in as i must go on about the wedding a zillion times a day!!
  • 1. my wife, she has been through so much with me and stood strong and held me up. I can't even begin to thank her.

    2. My parents and grandparents, they have helped me become who I am today.

    3. Freinds, without friends (Both efriends and hardware friends) I would not have alot of the things I have today, both tangible and intangible.
  • i would also thank dan for my donkey - BUT HE ISNT HERE YET!!!! Dude he needs traning up before the big day