Destroy All Humans!2 Help
  • Dear Experts,
    How do you get the data cores in Albion? I'm talking about the ones on top of that arc thing and the one underground. the one on the arc is too high and I keep getting killed before I can get the one underground by something. Please help me!!!!!!!!
  • For the one on top of the arch if you have the first jet pack upgrade PK a double-decker bus close to it then jet pack up to the top.
  • But what about the one under ground? What keeps killing me before i can get it? How do you get it? Also, do you have to have the jet pack upgrade to get the one on top of the arch or is there another way?
  • have you got any cheats for destroy all humans2 ps2.
  • jump of a building
  • There are a few cheats for this game and they are available at our cheats pages manned by our over achieving cheat squad -

    (4 hours 17 minutes)
  • I tired the cheats on the cheat page, but most didn't work. I think those cheats are for the first Destroy All Humans Game. If any body finds any other cheats, please post them here. P.S. thanks for the help with the data cores, Lyndon.
  • I'm terribly sorry, seems like I've been adding cheats in a bit of a rush.
    I've been looking around (being a bit more thorough this time) and am sorry to say that I havn't come up with much. I can add a few game play tips and pointers but havn't been able to find any codes so far.:(

    I'll keep a look out but for now I gotta head out to the cheats department and clean up the mess. Thanks for pointing that out BTW wepper0. See you around;)
  • Dear Magnus,
    That's ok about the cheats. Mistakes happen to the best of us.:) I have a question though. I keep getting stuck on the mission 'From Russia With Guns' and was wondering if you knew any tips for that mission or new a link to a place that did. I mainly just need help with the seacond part, with the saucer. your help is much appreciated.


    P.S. Your welcome for pointing it out. and other tips and hints would also be much appreciated, I'm sure by everybody.
  • I've been looking around but since I'm not experienced with the game myself I've had a hard time understanding exactly what it is you are supposed to do in the mission and what the problem might be.

    If you have trouble with a specific part (such as understanding that it is the nuclear reactor you should destroy) I could help you if you explained your situation. Otherwise if you just need general game handling tips, I'm at lost.
  • I need help with the mission "From Russia With Guns". I can get through the part on foot ok, but I can't get through the part that you have to use the saucer for. I hope that is more clear.:D
  • :cool: do what i did and stack two cars on top of another and then jetpack up to the datacore!
  • do it with a friend then both of you shoot in the sourcer and player one drives it and shoots and player 2 shoots but doent drivealien
  • I find a fully upgraded backpack gets you up on the arches easily.

    Can anybody tell me how to find weapons for the saucer? I have all 4 but once I've ran out I can't find any more. I know the answer is probably obvious but it is elluding me.
  • How do you change weapons?I pressed every button!And how do you do the cheats that are all Numbers?
  • Weaponry changes are made by holding down the square button, then move the stick to the weapon you want to use.

    Codes that are all numbers are put in using a GameShark,which is a cheat device. They cannot be used without it.
  • How do you get to "The Rock" without the saucer?I think that it has to do with the old fort???
  • How do you do two player missions?I went up to it and plugged the other controller and pressed EVERY BUTTON.
  • The Rock is reachable by going over to the waterfront area- once you make it through the load of military on the dock it's a quick jet pack hop over to it.

    As for the 2 player, did you remember to pause the game? Once you do that and plug in the controller push the X button on the second controller.
  • Thanks Lyndon!!!
    Do you know were I can get a Game Shark???
  • You should be able to find them any place selling games or buy from them directly online. the addy is pretty easy to figure out. ;)
  • Is there a way to get your alert down without just standing around:confused:

    Can you get in cars:confused: I looked at a hint and it said you could if you were a hippie.
  • There's an easy way to get your alert down. Take control of a human (doesn't need to be a hippie) and use Free Love. Everyone will start dancing and your alert goes to zero. And no, as far as I know you cannot get into cars.
  • :devilish: :pooh: :censored: