007 Agent Under Fire
  • Hi, i unlocked in the first mission something called:

    MP Map - Rocket Manor.

    does anyone knows what it does?
    because it dosen't seem to do anything.

    And also, in the third mission, the one you're shooting from the top of the car.
    How you get the 007 Bonus tokens?
    Where are they?

    I mean you can't control the car, someone else is driving it, so i guess you have to shoot them, or shoot something in orther to get them, i got one, but i don't know how i got it.

  • Well the MP map- rocket manor is an unlocked multiplayer level. Mp stands for multiplayer and map is level. The platinum bonuses are always just for multiplayer. In the rail shooting levels you have to shoot certian things to get the 007 logo's. It is hard, but just shoot everything and everyone that you see, and you will end up getting them.
  • Thank you very much mavm