• Anyone want to know how to get infinite gil for ff8?
  • Just to let anyone know who does want infinite gil. If you don't finish the Chocobo sidequest, then don't plan on it, after. If you try to dig for items in the chocobo forest or lagoon, your gil goes down to zero, 0, big goose egg.No ifs, ands, or buts about it. No money.
  • well how do you get infinite gil,is it a gameshark code because then I cant do it
  • Yeah, I know this trick.
  • wow, congratulations on the thread that confuses me the most.:confused:
  • yeah tell the trick I wanna know wahhhhhh!!!!!!!:biggrin::)
  • Well here goes.....(first of all you need GF Alexander
  • Wanna trick? Ok I'll give you a trick! :biggrin: Its a really cool trick :cool: Nobody ever tought about this trick! :confused: You wont regret this trick ;) Its a pretty neat trick:)

    Just guess in the test so u will have more salary til u reach SeeD rank A :biggrin: ............. Ok I know this trick sucks. :(
  • You know what. If you get the strategy guide for FF8, it has all the test answers in it. Oh and that is a good way to get &#36&#36&#36 Bakah.

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  • You can also save money and get the SeeD answers in one of this sites walkthroughs:


    It's a little over 1/4 of the way down.
  • Oh! how I wish to tell you all the answers in the test, but if tell you, it will not be a challenge for you anymore! :) and you'll just say that FF8 is way too easy!

    Anyway I suggest you should finish the game first w/o any cheats.When your done then do whatever you want. :)
  • SeeD salary is a idea that means well , but for me it just doesnt cut it. Squall 9X4 is rigt though , using cheap tricks and walkthroughs ruins a game.
  • yeah that trick is comin back to be I remember that one. But I know a good trick, its the one were you see a galbadian soldier dancing but I think everyone now that trick. Oh by the way has anyone noticed that shiva wears less and less clothes over the final fantasies,think about ten(oh yeah!!!).:biggrin:
  • Well seeing as shes down to 2mm of transparent ice, It'll be pretty interesting to see what sort of "bra" she has in ff10.....hahaha bra.
  • well hopefully there is no bra but nkowing squaresoft my dreams will never come true:biggrin:
  • I guess it could end up being like that girl on Giants: Citizen Kabuto. This lady wears no bra, but these are just sprites. Don't you have your own girl .
  • DO U PEOPLE HAVE NO LIFE LOL who cares about shive naked i want to see rinoa naked now that would be cool *REALLY BIG GRIN* lol or selphie she looks good too or quistis altho im not a big fan of blondes.. WAIT now i sound like i have no life... U GUS R SICK U SHOULDNT THINK ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT..... LOL
  • Only 100Tents---(MedLvUP)-->25Megapotions---Sell--->cca 250000gil...
  • 100Tents(cost:75,000gil*)=25megapotions
  • well ok i guess ill go to the walkthrough