Please help!!!
  • I really really like playing one game called "Drakan:the ancients' gates":p but i'm just STUCK one one bit where it asks to RESTORE GATE TO SURDANA.No matter how hard i tried i couldnt come up with anything at all! i've been struggling over this problem for 5 month already!:( please help as soon as you can. Thank you!
  • I don't suppose you have a "Locate Ravenshold" quest as well?
    If you can give us a more precise description of what your current position/status is in the game we an provide a nice, spoiler free answer for you.

    As for now, I'm gonna assume that you've just gotten the quest after beating the Bonegrinder and I've stop at the first troublesome passage-answer.;)

    You should be on Arokh heading south, towards Ravenshold.
    Keep flyinguntil just beyond the last hut, then land near the Trading Post complex.
    When you walk in under the hut and you'll see a iron-clad barrel. You can't break this but there are, however, there are some breakable wooden crates to be found. Then go see Captain Fandrill, standing next to the hut. He'll give you his thanks and some extra stuff.

    So, did that help?
    Let me know what you need and I shall bring it before thee.:laugh: