• I'm playing fifa 2007 on the manager mode and I can't get any of my players to resign their contracts can anyone help?
  • You must pay special attention to this section. You have your team's
    complete roster here, and all you will see here is information regarding
    your players contracts.

    You can renew your players contracts in this section. No matter if a
    player still has 2 or 3 years in his contract, if you want to boost his
    morale, or if you are getting too many buy offers from other teams,
    and if for some reason you don't want to sell him, renew his contract and
    that will be a clear signal for other teams trying to buy that player.

    Note that the maximum length a contract can be is 5 years. You can not
    extend a contract more than that.

    If you don't renew a player contract and it expires, you still have the
    chance of signing him at the end of the season. If you fail to sign him
    (or you just turn him down), then he will left the team.

    Now, be aware that it won't be always easy to renew a contract. Sometimes
    players will want some special treatment in order to renew contract with
    you. Usually raising the fees a little will help, or offer him an
    extra bonus for goals scored (for strikers and midfielders), clean sheets
    (defenders and goalkeepers).

    When resigning a player, the screen will have this options:

    How many more years you want to sign this player with your team.
    Remember, you can't sign a player for more than 5 years.

    How much this player will receive for every match he plays, no matter
    if he plays the entire match, or just 5 minutes.

    This is a percentage value. In this case is applied only for defenders
    and goalkeepers. This percentage can vary from 5%, 10% or 15%. Use
    this option only if you have tried raising the salary and still don't
    want to resign with you.

    This is also a percentage value too. This will only apply for strikers
    and midfielders as stated before. Same rules as above, use this only
    if you need it (specially if you are signing a player that scores many
    goals per season).

    After you filled these fields the player will tell you if he accepts or rejects your offer. If you get your offer rejected, you need to wait a couple of matches before you can strike another offer to that same player.

    When trying with a player that already rejected your offer, raise your previous offer a little bit , also include some clean sheet or goal bonus.

    Hope this info helps ya out...:)
  • In the master chalenges it sais u can unlock fifth difficulty by completing all challenges from any two zones. Idid this by comleting the americas and the UK zones, but i still have not got the fifth difficulty, why? and how do i unlock it?