High School Friends
  • I recently got an e-mail from an old friend from high school. Through a mutual friend, we got in contact after 20 years. We were fairly close in high school. She was someone I could always share my problems with or could always lift my spirits if I was feeling down. She was level headed and mature for her age and always gave sage advice. I was so glad to reconnect with her!

    So what happened to our friends from high school? Some of them went off to college. Some got married and started families. Some went off to work and some are still living at home with the parents.:huh:

    I was wondering, how many people out there stayed in touch with their friends from high school after they graduated? Many people say they will stay in contact, but so often slip out of touch.

    With the internet, it is a lot easier now. But some of us geezers didn't have the internet when we graduated from high school. Did you stay in touch with friends? How often do you talk to them? Once a week? Once a year? Or once every 20 years like some of us?;)
  • I stay in contact with about a handful of my high school friends. It has only been about 2 years since I graduated though, so it really isn't hard for me to stay in touch. There are some people that I used to hang out with a lot that I haven't seen or been able to get in touch with though. I found that moving off to college has helped me find out who my true close friends are. I see people from high school at college every once and a while and we always say we'll catch up and hang out sometime, but it never happens.

    Myspace has been a good way to keep in touch with a lot of my high school friends, but I don't consider them close friends. Those are the ones that I would call and definatly make time in my schedule to hang out with.
  • TO be honest I hated most of the people i went to school with!

    Ive kept in touch with a few - one of them is my chief bridesmaid next year!! Lucy. But most of the others arent worth the hassle. Ive kept in touch with a few people from college though.
  • I'm not the in touch keeping kid but I do have three close friends from high school I hang out with if we should happen to dross paths. Not that we keep eachother updated or anything, it's more of a random encounter thing.
    It's kinda hard since we are somewhat scattered over the world, one is in the Netherlands working for NASA and the other is working at the embassy in Bejing while the third (the one that dropped out and made a nice career out of being good with computers) is too busy managing whatever it is he does. Me, I have the kids and school.

    So this christmas when I suppose we all start texting eachother asking if we are going back home for the hollidays we'll all end up saying that we'll get together but no one can decide on a time or a place and before we know it those few days have passed and we'll say, "See you next year, may the straw be with yah".
  • I have a few close friends whom I still keep in touch with. Some I keep in touch with more than others. It's really all relient on my schedule and their schedules. I mean, when we were in high school pretty much all my friends had the same agenda as me and so now that we are not on completely the same time schedules it's hard to make time to reconnect.

    The boy I'm dating right now is a guy whom I have been dating since the last few months of high school. Obviously I keep in touch with him much more than anyone else.:rolleyes:

    My best friend and confidante whom I've known since Kindergarten is easy to track down. She lives right down the street and anytime I wanna ask her something I just text her via cell phone. She used to go to school, but she was sick of it and decided she'd rather work full time. So she's easier to track down, I just have to catch her on an off day.

    I still talk to Scott whom I've known since high school. I usually only bug him once or twice a year though as he's ALWAYS busy.
  • I just had my 20 reunion a year and a half ago, and it was nice seeing faces I hadn't in two decades. However, when it was over I didn't feel any sense of loss. Everyone has gone their own way and aside from seeing the rare classmate who stayed in town, they are for the most part a distant memory. Once in a great while I might wonder what ever happened to so-in-so, but it's seldom. What with working full time and raising a family of my own ( which most of my classmates are probably doing as well ) there just doesn't seem like there's much time to be retrospective.