• :eek: Hi my name is Fender and am new to the playstation network forums, i have a psone of my own and a ps2 thats my dad's, and were getting a xbox360 later. :confused: Why does my playstation read my CDR/RW's when its not supposed to? i bought it used but the warrenty sticker was intact and theres no mod chip! my old backups dont boot without a swap disc but my new backups boot perfectly!?! And my psone reads CDRW no problem? any answers? because all i did was chose not to fix the subchannel data so it was the correct size so I can use it with an emulator (i dont like wasting empty disc space) and burned it at 1-4x because I knew playstation's cant handle high disc speed, i forgot what kind of disc protection psone uses... Im good with technology its just this one phenomenon that irks me...
  • Well Hello There, and Welcome.

    Nice to see a new face.
    Sorry to hear your PS is acting up on you, if you really don't want it to read your disc copies, try rubbing some gravel against them or running them in the micorwave oven.
    That will do the trick.:p

    Hope you enjoy this place, see you around.
  • :( i discovered i just discovered a nother way to make a copy. i want to be wrong for once... GRR!!!
    But Its Nice I Can Play My Remixes With Soundscape On My Psone... But Why Does My Other PSone NOT Read CD'Rs And This One Does And Neither Are Modded?
    Date On CDR Capable: C1
    Date On Not Capable: Havent Looked
  • The only thing I can think of is the one that can read the discs may be region free somehow if you are sure there is no chip in there. Where was that one purchased?
  • there was no warrenty sticker on the other one so i looked inside, no chip, just a peice of wire going from the cd ground to a chip i dont think is orignal so i chopped it in half, when its whole it doesnt read CDR's but legit games work fine and when its in half it has reading trouble of all legit games but reads CDRs.
  • I'd say that wire must be one of the key components for checking the region coding on the PSOne discs then- with it cut the system can't do the check.
  • hmms, the SCEA chip with the amber printing looks slightly different than a regular chip on a psone.
  • thats the chip that looks dodgy and with the wire near it
    exept there is no stealth chip and the SCEA Chip Looks Dodgy, Looks Raised. Maybe A Different revision? Custom Chip With Built In ModChip?