He Said She Said
  • Something I've been noticing a lot lately is that children often take after their parents (duh!), but I've noticed even more that I've been saying a lot of phrases that my parents and grandparents have used.

    So I was wondering what phrases you all use that you learned off of others? It can be anyone or anything (your friends, your family, television...?) and when do you use it?

    Me personally I've gotten a crutch on saying "Blast" when I mess up or I'm on the brink of getting frustrated. I got this phrase from my cousin.

    I've got several other phrases, but I wanna hear all your phrases first.:)
  • I am verbalisticly the spitting image of my father. My Ma and my Wife laugh at our similarities quite often.
  • me, i am afraid - take after no one. They are as tiff calls them 'Janeisms'

    Although my legendary sense of timing and sarcasm i think comes from my mother.

    Unfortunatly all the good ones i have been coming out with recently are NOT family orientated so certainly cant be repeated on a fine site such as this. Any one wants to hear them i peform 9-530pm weekdays @ Healthcare Plus, Easington.