Wii problems
  • This just in reported by CNN. The wii is starting to have problems with their controllers. The strap that you strap yourself into the controller with is reportingly breaking causing controllers to fly into windows, walls, tvs, everything. Also people have been using the controllers "to hard" hitting people and objects that send batteries flying. As it is nintendo gives a thousand warnings before actually playing a game. So if you have a Wii think twice about using it to hard or you may just find a controller embedded into your bigscreen
  • This shouldn't be a problem if people would actually hold onto the frikkin' thing- what are they doing, letting go of the remote when throwing their bowling ball? :huh:
  • I posted somewhere about this - There is a website wiv some scary pics on!! Wii controllers stuck in plasma screens and such!
  • Seems to be quite a few people now who's strap has broken and they have launched their remote at the wall.

    here is the photo you mentioned Jane - see the crack in the TV
  • A friend of mine got a Wii and brought it over to cheer me up......so we got into playing I can't even remember what we were playing.....but all was good until a few adult refreshments found their way into my system and I really began to swing the Wiimote, then SNAP!!! went the strap and down went my friend, I clocked him good.

    It held up fine under normal conditions, but never drink and Wii. :o