• Hello, I found this forum through researching Net Yaroze. I've also been really looking into some job opportunities as I am about to move back to San Diego and renew my love for the illustrious palm tree!
  • Howdy and welcome to our humble corner of the internet. If ya need anything please feel free to ask us STAFF members, we know all..........ok maybe not all, but some.....:D
  • Speak for yourself Dan. When it comes to knwoing everything that's worth knowing, I know it, it's just that I don't know I know it, if you know what I mean :confused: :eek:
  • And that little exchange should give you an idea of what to expect in future visits-we may not be all there but we're here and more than willing to help out however we can on PlayStation- related questions. B) Glad you decided to join us, feel free to join in the insanity!
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    ...feel free to join in the insanity!

    Don't go telling everyone that we're insane, else we'll end up with quacks joining the forums, and I don't mean the Donald Duck kind. Then they'll start diagnosing us with brand new psychiatric conditions. Then again, that could be quite fun...
    Imagine..the Lyndon condition, or Lyndonitis :laugh:
  • Fun is my number one objective at all times. If I could make money by having fun I might not be so insane myself!

    Just got NeedforSpeed-Carbon. Trouble on the fourth (North) canyons. Just bought a new whip though. Suggestions,tips?
  • Howdy kiloj757! I've lived coast to coast myself (Reston and San Diego) so we have something in common. No tips on Need for Speed from me though, sorry.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  • Well howdy there kiloj757. You're coming in around San Diego eh? I hear it's pretty rediculously expensive, then again..EVERY city in California is expensive pretty much..anyway..

    Welcome to Playstation Network!
  • Yes expensive, unless you love Cali Burritos for $3.25! Mmmm. Also recently quit smoking too, big money waster there. Pay is a lot higher though and the life is just that, The Life. And school is almost paid for by e-Bog (electronic board of governors waiver) I got my associates for $15 a semester.