• Hi,

    I'm looking for some cheats for Black (PS2). I'm already at the last mission but I cannot complete it :mad: .

    Searches the net looking for cheats but I cannot find them.

    Anyone help?

  • Some games just don't have any sort of cheats to be found- Black seems to be one of them, I'm afraid. If i do see anything around I'll add it in here.
  • Jazper206 -

    If you want some advice on how to complete the final mission, I'm sure there are quite a few members here who would be willing to help. Several of us (including myself) have completed the game.

    Where are you having the most trouble?
  • press triangle square square up down left left up up circle
  • what is triangle,square,square,up,down,left,left,up,up,o for
  • what's cheat that you enterd for
  • this is how you unolck all levels.