• on my way to unlock the fonts how do i get out of the level when is completed because i cannot go back out the way i came in,
  • Hi there Millo... welcome to Absolute PlayStation !

    Could you give me a little bit more information about exactly where abouts you are stuck in the game. The fonts are all over the game, so we need to know exactly which part you are stuck in.

    The game levels are as follows:

    A. Inside the Sarafan Stronghold
    B. Touring the Cathedral
    C. To the Pillars of Nosgoth!
    D. The Reaver Door
    E. Entering the Swamps
    F. The Dark Forge
    G. Back to the Stronghold
    H. The Light Forge
    I. Re-entering the Stronghold
    J. Into the Future
    K. In Search of Janos Audron
    L. A Path Through the Mountains
    M. The Air Forge
    N. Back to the Past
    O. The Road to Janos Audron's Retreat
    P. Inside Janos' Home
    Q. The Fire Forge
    R. Yet Another Trip to the Stronghold
    S. Reunion at the Sarafan Stronghold
    T. The Final Battle

    can you tell me which one you are in please ?

    hope to hear from you soon


    (RESPONSE TIME 20 mins)
  • OK,, thanks for replying,, i appreciate it,,
    im stuck in The dark forge,, finished the level but cant get out back to the water area
  • how do i get inside the stronghold; let me know ok. email [email]rammybone@yahoo.com[/email]
  • press up down right right square x circle to get every thing